How to Keep an Eye on the Kids with Home Automation

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Your kids tend to have a mind of their own, no matter their age. From the moment they start walking until they become teenagers, there are a variety of safety concerns you’ll have for your children over the next few years. Luckily, smart home automation can put your mind at ease, and your children first, in more ways than one.

The right home smart products can help give your children the protection they need while you’re at home or away, so you can keep a close eye on them at all times.



For Small Kids, install Smart Sensors


When your children are just learning to walk, your home becomes exciting in more ways than one. However, that means your kids are at risk of opening up cabinets and drawers that have hazards, such as cleaning products or pointed objects. Rather than worry about what could happen, or use plastic child locks that are so complex, you’re unable to open them, we have the perfect smart gadget home automation solution: sensors!

Smart sensors can be placed along the top, inside, and outside of the cabinet or door framing, so you can still open and close each space with ease. However, smart sensors work similarly to a smart security system. They can send notifications to your phone when they sense someone approaching, and will notify you when the door is opened. You’ll be able to name individual sensors, and see what’s going on if you’re working from home while your kids are still wandering around. 

Not only are these sensors easy to install, but they’re also an effective way to know what’s going on inside your home 24/7. Your kids aren’t going to be wandering anywhere they shouldn’t. These are just one of the smart home solutions you can choose from when you work with Carolina Custom Sound.



Top-Notch Safety with Smart Home Security System


No matter your child’s age, the older they become, they gradually spend more time home alone. Whether it’s for a few minutes after they get off the bus, or for hours at a time, the last thing you need is to do worry about your kids while you’re not there.

One of the best smart products you can have is a smart security system that lets you monitor your home at all times. A few key smart products that come with a security system are:

  • Security Cameras
    • You don’t know who might come and go while you’re gone – or if your kids decide to go play outside! The best way to guarantee peace of mind is by installing a few smart security cameras around the parameter of your home. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the front yard, back yard, garage, and doorstep all from the central location of your phone. If something seems abnormal, your smartphone will notify you of unusual activity, so you can see what’s going on.
  • Smart Video Doorbell
    • The front door can be a little intimidating for kids, and parents. Rather than let your kids feel unsure of whose at the door, installing a smart video doorbell like the Ring gives them – and you – additional peace of mind. Whether it’s the Amazon delivery guy, or a next-door neighbor asking to come over and play, you’ll be able to see what’s going on just like your kids.
  • Smart Door Locks
    • If your children are coming home from the bus stop, but aren’t quite responsible enough for their own set of keys, smart door locks give you the ability to unlock and lock the front door on your own time. Simply unlock the door as the kids are walking up the steps, and lock it right behind them. You’ll know the kids are safe indoors until you’re home in the next few minutes – or until the sitter arrives.



Smart Home Gadgets that Help the Kids


As important it is to remain safe, it’s also very important for your kids to have a routine and accessibility while they’re at home. As much as you enjoy the benefits and fun of home automation, your kids can also benefit from a variety of smart products you have around your home.

If you want to introduce smart home automation to your kids, to help simplify your morning and nightly routines, we have a few suggestions that are great for making their lives (and yours) a little bit easier in the long run.

  • Add a mini Google Home or Alexa Dot in their bedroom
    • What better way to wake up in the morning than a mini smart home system as your alarm clock? While your kids don’t need to have a large smart system in their bedroom, a mini device is great for simplifying routines and adding reminders. From waking up and going to sleep, or reminding your kids to complete chores like cleaning their room or making the bed, a smart home hub is the perfect smart home solution for your kids and their routine. Plus, voice commands make it easy for your kids to control their smart home devices, whether or not you’re in the room.
  • Add sensor-controlled lighting under their bed
    • If your kids don’t enjoy waking up in the night to use the bathroom, eliminate their worries by installing smart lighting under their bed. These motion censored lights detect the slightest movements and are able to help guide your kids if they wake up in the night.
  • Install smart lights for their bedside nightlight
    • Your kids forget things at times – don’t let the lights be one of those devices! This can just lead to unexpectedly high electricity bills. By using smart light bulbs or smart plus, you’ll be able to check and see if your kids turned off the lights, and prevent the bills from getting too high.



Advantages of Smart Home Automation Devices


When it comes to our kids, it’s important to install all the best smart home security devices and home automation products. These devices aren’t just going to protect your home – they’re going to provide the security and peace of mind you need to make sure your children are well looked after.



Outside of smart products that can protect your children, Carolina Custom Sound can also install a variety of home automation gadgets that simplify your everyday life. As a Control4 dealer, we specialize in sound and security, home theater room services and installation, outdoor entertainment solutions, and custom TV wall mount installation. If you need a custom sound system in Winston Salem, make Carolina Custom Sound your first and only destination.


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