Home Theater Room Must-Haves

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If your family is filled with avid movie watchers, but you don’t love going to the movies, we have good news – there is a better way to watch all your favorite films than sitting in the family room! A home theater room is ideal for families who need creative ways to entertain themselves at home while making the most of their current room size or basement floorplan.

While there are plenty of home theater systems on the market, that include surround sound speaker systems and high definition screens, there are a few additional features that can truly enhance your home theater room.

If you need innovative ways to enhance your at-home movie night experience for yourself, and the kids, keep reading for our home theater room must-haves. Plus, we have a few home theater installation tips that will pay off in the long run.



Must-Have’s for Home Theater Rooms


While you don’t have the traditional stadium seating at home compared to the movie theater, there are plenty of benefits of movie viewing at home that you don’t have at the movie theater. Instead of settling on your viewing experience, you’ll get to pick the perfect home theater seating, movie night snacks, and customize your space to fit your needs. 

When you’re watching a movie at home, there are a few home theater room must-haves that will elevate your home theater experience.

Drop Down Projectors

It’s easy to purchase a high definition TV from your home theater room, but one drawback of a TV is that you have one defined screen size. With a drop-down projector, you’ll be able to modify the size of your screen, and never worry about missing a moment during the movie.

Additionally, Carolina Custom Sound is partnered with some of the best home theater projector brands in the industry. We can safely install, connect, and teach you how to control your drop-down projector with the touch of a button – for all the best tips on movie theater projectors, review The Best Home Theater Projectors.

If you decide you want the best of both worlds, and would prefer a smart custom TV installation in your family room for a consistent screening with family, our technicians can assist you with TV model selection and installation.


Smart Surround Sound System

One of our most important home theater installation tips? Watching a movie isn’t the same without the right surround sound system. If you’re interested in making the most of your home theater room, it’s important to include a surround sound system that can capture every sound and moment within your movie.

When it comes to surround sound, there are plenty of home theater trends that you can use in your home theater. Items like soundbars, in particular, have become very trendy, especially if you have a smaller home theater space. Most soundbars can be purchased with an accompanying unit of small speakers, so you can find locations throughout your home theater room for individual speaker installation.

If you need technical advice on the sound quality of certain speaker collections, and their ability to block out ambient noise, the technicians at Carolina Custom Sound are here to assist. When it comes to surround sound, it’s important to work with professionals who can find efficient and affordable home theater installation systems – and that’s what our technicians are trained to do.


Realistic Home Theater Decor

Every custom home theater is unique, in part because every homeowner personalizes their home theater room a little differently. Your decor doesn’t define your media room or home theater, but there can be some drawbacks to overloading the decor.

Large mirrors, pictures, and posters hanging around your home theater screen can reflect light from the screen or projector from opposite sides of the room. This can be a distraction when you’re watching the movie in more ways than one. Instead of going for the more obvious movie theater decor, keep things minimal. 

Go for darker paint colors, like blues and greys, to create contrast in your space. Additionally, create a makeshift snack bar and drink station if you don’t have a kitchen, that way you can access all your favorite foods with ease. These interior design decisions are more realistic for a living room, media room, or home theater room. Plus, you won’t be distracted by other visuals outside of the movie.



Essentials For Home Theater Installation


If you need help maximizing your home theater room, and your square footage, no worries! We understand that creating the perfect home theater room takes time. That’s why we’d like to make a few home theater suggestions that can simplify the way you install your devices.


Have a Space For Your Theater

While it’s convenient to install your home theater in your living room, that might not be the best location for all your devices. It’s one thing to want a high tech entertainment system on the main floor of your house. It’s another to have your home theater system near the commotion of the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the problem of installing your home theater system on the main floor of your house is because of the foot traffic you’ll experience. Kids getting up to grab snacks, adjusting the lights, or hearing background noises from the kitchen can be a major distraction. Plus, you’re space might not have the ideal set up for a drop-down projector or other home automation devices.

One of our favorite rooms for a home theater room is a bonus room or basement. This way, your space has a dual function, but you won’t have the same distractions in these locations compared to the rest of your house.

Additionally, you’ll have plenty of space for the creative home theater seating arrangement you choose for your space. While it’s tempting to keep things all on one floor, your home theater room should be a separate entertainment space. However, we’re happy to automate and enhance your living room entertainment area as well.


Use Smart Home Automation Devices

One of the best parts of a home theater room is how easily your devices can be automated. With platforms like Control4, it’s easy to connect your projector, surround sound system, and lighting to one central device.

Specific smart home automation devices that are perfect for your home theater room are smart lighting systems and automated shades, so you can control how much light enters and exits your at-home theater.  As your home automation experts, our goal is to help you enhance your space, and avoid common home theater mistakes that occur during self-installation.



Learn More about Carolina Custom Sound Home Theater Installation Services

If you’re ready to enhance your home theater in Winston Salem NC, or other areas surrounding the Piedmont Triad, it’s time to contact Carolina Custom Sound. Not only do we provide home theater installation services, but we can also install and demonstrate how to use smart home automation devices with your home theater. Combining the two incredible forms of smart home technology makes for the ultimate at-home movie theater experience. The best part? This long term smart home investment is a cost-effective solution that will keep your family entertained for years to come.




For additional home theater installation tips, explore our home theater installation services. If you’re ready for a home theater in Winston Salem NC, or live in the surrounding Piedmont Triad, contact our home automation experts and review our home automation service packages.


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