How Much Does a Home Theater Room Cost?

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It’s no secret that a home theater installation is an exciting investment. The ability to host home movie nights for friends and family is a luxury that everyone can enjoy. However, before you can sit down and eat buckets of popcorn, you have to get your home theater room up and running, which is a costly investment.

If you want to know the cost of a home theater room before you start purchasing all of your audio-video equipment, we’re here to help you figure out what may (or may not) cost you more during installation.



What Does a Home Theater Room Cost? 


Most home theater rooms are very different from one another. From automated lighting and shades to custom surround sound speakers, or tv installation vs drop-down projectors, no two home theaters are designed the same. Every home theater has unique features, so it’s hard to give a total price for the average home theater room when these spaces end up varying so drastically.

As a result, home theater installation services and pricing alters significantly between various home theaters. What one homeowner needs for their space doesn’t work for another – so there is no one size fits all cost when it comes to home theater rooms, much like smart home automation.

Typically, the starting cost of a home theater room is around $2,000. This accounts for prewiring, tv installation, and audio-video services. However, depending on how much work you’d like to be completed, this price can increase or decrease accordingly.

So, before you start assuming you have to save for a large, luxurious home theater room, think about your Home Theater Room Must Have’s. Ultimately, your home theater wish list is going to impact your all-in price point.



What Impacts the Price of A Home Theater?


Home theater room pricing is impacted by many things. For starters, before you even begin installing or selecting equipment, you have to evaluate a few different things:

  • The Location of Your Home Theater
    • A basement home theater room is far different than an attic, bonus space, or even a living room. The square footage, existing acoustics, and pre-determined location of your tv or projector are going to vary depending on the style of the room.
    • Finding out the best location for your home theater room is a great first step in determining home theater costs. Installation, timing, and necessary equipment differ with each location. Pick accordingly for your family, and what you’re most comfortable spending.
  • What Equipment is Already There
    • If you already have some cables and cords available, that is great – however, the perfect surround sound speakers may or may not be in your home already. Depending on how much audio-video equipment is already present, your home theater installation team might not need to go out and purchase as much additional equipment.
    • During your initial meeting, you can describe and bring pictures of your space to your custom theater installer.
  • How Much Work Need To Be Done
    • Every space needs to be modified slightly to suit your theater room’s audiovisual needs. Not all spaces need extensive work, however many of them will need to be modified to improve the acoustics or screening space of your home theater room.


Once you decide on the location of your home theater room, have your home theater technician assess your space. See if this is the best location for your home movie nights and your home theater budget. Your technician will be able to give you a fair assessment and let you know whether or not the space is ideal for your home screening.

After the location is evaluated and seems best for your home theater, you can begin choosing what technology you’d like in your home theater room. Items like surround sound speakers, drop-down projectors, varying sized flat-screen televisions, and remote control services are all going to enhance your home movie experience. But, they are also going to adjust the total cost of your home theater room and installation services. 

While it’s natural to want the best smart home automation system to go in your home theater room, certain systems are more affordable than others. At Carolina Custom Sound, we partner with reliable and affordable brands like Sony and Dolby, so you can find a system that meets your needs and budget. Based on your requirements, our technicians will work with you to find a system that works with your budgeting needs. Home theater installation services are an investment, but it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Wiring, brackets, wall-mounts, prewiring, and concealing equipment also take time to install, and may or may not adjust the total price point of your home theater installation costs. Consult with your home theater technician about your wants, needs, and realistic budget requirements.



How to Budget for Home Theater Installation


When it comes to budgeting for your home theater, there are a few ways you can modify your budget so it’s more reasonable. Most home theater installation services are divided into three stages: prewiring and installation preparation, visual installation, and audio installation.

Pre-Wiring Services are an essential part of a home theater installation. To have all your devices up and running, your home theater technician has to prep the area that will have your tv-screen or projector and speakers. This will make installation smoother and isn’t the place to try and cut down costs. However once prewiring services have been completed, now you can decide where, and how, you’d like to budget for your home theater room. A good place to start is by asking yourself the following questions.

  • What software needs to be upgraded?
    • If you have existing home theater equipment, it’s a great way to save money on installation services. However, if it’s was purchased in the early or mid-2000s, it’s not the best choice to install in your brand new home theater room. You’ll want a system that is compatible with your other new audio and video equipment.
    • Discuss what needs to be upgraded with your home theater technician.
  • What type of system is being installed?
    • Certain systems, like high-end home theater packages from Sony or Dolby, are going to sit at the higher end of your budget. For example, a Dolby Atmos system costs more than a standard Dolby system. You can still have a high-end system with standard home theater systems – the level of technology and clarity are the main differences.
  • What kind of equipment do you want?
    • Types of audio equipment, such as surround sound speakers and soundbars, can be more cost-effective than others. Additionally, home theater automation can adjust the total cost of installation. Decide which makes the most sense for your budget and equipment requirements.
  • What home finishings are a must-have for your space?
    • Home theater room seating, decor, and other add-ons can also enhance the price of your home theater installation. Depending on if you plan on upgrading or adding additional seating, certain styles can be more costly. Traditional theater seats are more expensive than sectional sofas or loungers, so decide if this is something worth splurging on.


Depending on what features make the most sense for your space, certain things are worth splurging on, like the latest home theater design trends. However, you can still get the new high-tech home theater you’ve always wanted, without breaking the bank.

At Carolina Custom Sound, we’re committed to bringing you high tech home automation, smart home solutions, and home theater services at an affordable price. We can install home theaters in Winston Salem NC, home theaters in Greensboro NC, and surrounding cities such as High Point and Clemmons. Our technicians are trained to service a wide range of home theater systems and equipment, so you’re bound to get the system that suits your needs.




Ready to pop the popcorn and watch a film with the family? Contact our office today to schedule a contactless consultation! When it comes to Home Theater Installation Services, no one is able to do the job quite like Carolina Custom Sound.


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