Why Work with a Control4 Dealer?

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Have you been thinking about installing a smart home automation system? If so, you’re not alone! Many homeowners are making the switch to smart home solutions, so they can enjoy technical innovation at home. Turning on the lights, locking the door, and starting a movie has never been easier.

If you’re ready to incorporate smart home systems in your home, but aren’t sure where to start, there are two ways to approach the installation process. The DIY approach, or hiring smart home automation dealers.

As tempting as it is to DIY smart home automation installation, it’s a complex process. What happens if your new smart system won’t pair with your current home technology? Or, your brand new smart TV isn’t properly hooked up to the surround sound speakers and your wireless network?

Instead of taking a chance on installing your smart home automation, let the professionals assist you. Working with a licensed Control4 dealer, like Carolina Custom Sound, means you won’t face the traditional technology setbacks you might encounter doing it yourself.

A Control4 dealer is well trained in smart home automation and knows how to install Control4 devices like surround sound speakers, audio-video solutions, and whole-home automation systems. When it comes to Control4 systems, no one knows smart home automation quite like a Control4 dealer. Curious if it’s time to hire a Control4 dealer? Don’t second guess your approach to smart home automation – see how experienced Control4 dealers make all the difference in your installation methods.



Control4 Dealer’s Simplify Smart Home Automation Installation


Home automation is more than connecting one smart device to another. It’s all about finding innovative ways to integrate your smart devices into your home, so you or the kids can ask Alexa to turn on the lights, TV, or security system. But, with nothing more than an installation manual from the smart product manufacturer, how are you going to install all these products? And, what happens if you get lost or stuck during the installation?

Getting two out of six smart speakers installed in a day isn’t the answer. Instead of struggling to get these innovative systems set up, let a Control4 dealer integrate your Control4 system within your smart home. Not only will you avoid the complications of installation, but you’ll also have the project completed in a timely manner while learning how to control and operate your smart home systems.

A Control4 dealer knows how to approach the complexities of technology. In today’s world, smart home automation ranges from products like whole-home smart automation to smart home security, smart doorbells, even remote monitoring. If any of these products are new to your family, then it’s going to take time to install them, and learn the in’s and out’s of operation.

Rather than wonder how all these systems work, a licensed Control4 dealer, like the technicians at Carolina Custom Sound has the experience to demonstrate how your Control4 system and smart home devices work. It won’t take days or weeks to become tech-savvy with your new smart home devices. Instead, your Control4 dealer will guide you through how to control your Control4 system, once they complete the installation. Depending on how many smart home devices you’re using, it could take more than an hour or two to get the job done, but ultimately your smart home devices will be fully installed and integrated into your home promptly. With a Control4 dealer by your side, you’ll face no more delays, glitches, or frustration when navigating your smart home devices.




A Control4 Dealer Eliminates the Complexities of DIY Smart Home Systems 


There are always a few of us that think “I can do it myself,” when there’s a new device or appliance that needs installing. While sometimes the DIYer can get the job done, that’s not always the case. With little more than a manual or the internet as an assistant, installing a complex Control4 system in your home will take far longer than expected, and might not be tailored to your personal needs.

When you hire a Control4 dealer, they can install, customize, and create a smart home system that fits the needs of your family in a few short hours. They’ll do all the heavy lifting, and give you the virtual keys to your very own smart home!

Control4 dealers know what you need to set up a successful Control4 system: a reliable network connection, additional network security, and the proper location for your smart home devices. For instance, finding a space that can support important devices like a smart lighting panel for your first floor, is essential during the installation process. Not to mention, when it comes to your smart home speakers, audio-video solutions, and other complex devices, location, and accessibility are everything. 

A Control4 dealer understands every step of the installation process from start to finish. Now, you’ll have someone who can monitor your network connection, see if it’s strong enough for your new smart devices. At Carolina Custom Sound, we understand the importance of your smart home system. That’s why we won’t just install your devices – we’ll teach you how to work your Control4 home automation system while keeping your network secure.



Control4 Dealer’s Provide Reliability and Continuous Smart Home Automation Services


As a Control4 dealer, our technicians are given Control4 training, so they can continue to update and integrate smart home automation into your home. After installing a Control4 system, our Control4 dealers aren’t going to walk away from servicing your home. Our technicians are always here to monitor and update your system as needed and can add additional smart home devices to your network. Smart home automation isn’t a one and done deal – it’s a system that requires updates and work every year. Our technicians are here to help you far beyond installation. We can perform routine maintenance, annual system updates, and are happy to integrate any new devices into your Control4 system as needed.

At Carolina Custom Sound, our mission is to help integrate smart home solutions and automation into your everyday life. Home automation is designed to simplify time at home – the last thing you need to deal with is over the complicated smart home installation. Don’t sweat it when it comes to your home technology – instead, contact Carolina Custom Sound, your local Control4 dealer in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Clemmons North Carolina.



Want to learn more about innovative smart home solutions from Carolina Custom Sound? Take a look at our free guide, Smart Home Automation Must-Haves to see what smart devices you’re home could benefit from! If you’re ready to install a Control4 system or other smart home devices, contact our team to schedule your smart home installation.


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