Smart Home Solutions for the Holiday’s

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‘Tis the season for gifts, homecooked food, and most importantly, amazing holiday smart home solutions. At Carolina Custom Sound, we understand you probably have a lot on your plate this year (and we’re not talking about food)!

Ringing in the holiday season is always enjoyable, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little smart home assistance. If you’re ready to enjoy the holiday season and spend less time working and decorating, then it’s time to learn what holiday smart home solutions and holiday home automation gadgets can make this season amazing.



LED Smart Lights 


Wouldn’t it be nice to make your Christmas tree, front porch, and back patio a little brighter and smarter this year? Now you can with LED smart lights and a smart lighting system

LED smart lights are known for their bright glow and ability to change color, so your home can shine brightly this holiday season. In addition to their high wattage, LED smart lights are an extremely popular smart home solution because of how easy they are to control. Just like other smart lights, LED smart lights can be controlled remotely. This holiday season, you can set your LED lights on an automated timer, so they know the perfect time to switch on and off.

Thanks to smart LED lights, it’s easier than ever to decorate your home. Most smart LED lights have the ability to sync to a smart home hub, like an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or can be controlled through a smart app on your phone. Once your lights are synced accordingly, you can start using your smart home hub or smart app to turn on (or off) all your lights.

The best part? You can name different light strands, so you know which one is which throughout your home. For instance, you can request for the “Christmas tree lights,” “front porch lights,” and “back porch lights” to turn on all at once, or one at a time. By using a smartphone application that is compatible with your smart lights, or your smart home hub, you can set these lights to turn on all at once from your respective application.

With LED smart lights, it’s easy to control and simplify your traditional Christmas decorating ideas.



Automate Holiday Decorations


Want to step up your holiday home automation strategy, beyond smart home lights? Then it’s time to start automating your outdoor decorations! The Christmas tree and icicle lights aren’t the only things that need illumination this holiday season.

With today’s smart home technology, it’s easier than ever to have your decorations prepped and ready to go. Curious how? All you need is a few smart plugs!

Smart plugs are designed to instantly turn on any and all devices. Not to mention, they are the most affordable and effective way to automate your outdoor decorations and holiday lights. Now you can avoid the stress of having to buy all-new lighting or decor that isn’t automated. 

An additional benefit of smart plugs is that they can be programmed to the settings and timing of your choice, so you can control exactly when your decorations turn on and off. Smart plugs are programmed to be responsive to smart home hubs and smartphone applications as well, so with the touch of a button or command of your voice, everything is ready to go.

We all know how long holiday decorating can take – once you’re finished, the last thing you want to worry about is turning your outdoor lights on and off night after night. Smart plugs are a great solution because they eliminate the follow-up hassle of powering your holiday decorations.

In addition to smart plugs, another great way to automate your decorations is with smart light bulbs. Smart light bulbs can be remotely controlled from your phone or a smart home device. Outdoor spotlights and outdoor decorations are ideal for smart light bulbs. Similar to a smart plug, you can place your smart light bulbs on a timer through your phone, so they know when to turn on and off. Instead of manually unplugging or switching off large lawn decorations, you can have a silent house in a matter of seconds

The benefits of smart plugs and lightbulbs mean that you can still enjoy holiday festivities, without an expensive electric bill. Home automation makes the holidays more cost-effective and affordable.



Install Smart Doorbells for Gift Delivery 


During this time of year, our doorbells are ringing nonstop, but family and friends aren’t the only ones coming to your doorstep. Between FedEx, UPS, and the Postal Service, your doorbell is going to be ringing well into the new year. With so many gifts to keep track of, how are you going to know when they arrive safely at your door?

Instead of wondering how safe your packages are sitting on your doorstep, you can have peace of mind this holiday season with a smart doorbell. A smart doorbell is the perfect holiday security solution, so you’re always able to see what’s going on, no matter where you are. While a smart security system protects your home day and night, a smart doorbell is specifically designed to monitor your front porch and walkway. Most systems have a state of the art doorbell camera that allows you to monitor who is coming and going from your home. That way you can know exactly who, and what is arriving at your doorstep.

If you don’t already have a smart doorbell, now is the perfect time to get one installed! With a smart doorbell, you’ll receive notifications straight to your phone when someone approaches your doorstep, so you can see your packages getting safely delivered. You can also communicate through certain smart doorbell systems, like the Ring doorbell, and give the Amazon delivery guy specific instructions if you need to hide or protect a package. Additionally, in case anyone wanders too close to your door, you’ll be able to see who they are and know what’s going on.

No matter when or where Santa makes a delivery, you’ll always be able to keep a close eye on what’s going on at home, 24/7.



Stay in Control with Voice Control


Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of cooking, baking, or sneaking around to wrap presents, we could all use a little more control during the holidays. Instead of scrambling for an extra set of hands, let a smart voice assistant be the holiday helper you’ve been looking for.

Unlike an elf, a voice control smart home hub can’t help you cook or wrap presents, but they can help you keep an eye on the time. This smart home solution is ideal for holiday cooking and baking in particular. They can read recipes, ingredients, and can even convert measurements, so you know how many ounces and cups go into every recipe. Plus, they can keep track of the time for you! Instead of settling for an old school kitchen timer, you can have a turkey, stuffing, and pie timer going on all at once. Now, you know exactly what needs to come out of the oven, instead of guessing what went in first. This truly is smart home automation at it’s finest.

Voice control is also great for holiday reminders, so you can make separate shopping lists, gift lists, and keep track of other essentials during the month. You’ll have 100% control over all your important items over the holiday season. With a smart home hub by your side, you’ll be able to manage the holiday workload with ease.



Carolina Custom Sound Can Help with Holiday Smart Home Solutions


In the world of home automation, there are many smart home solutions that can help you around the holidays and in everyday life! At Carolina Custom Sound, we understand that life gets a little stressful, and sometimes it’s nice to have the assistance of smart home devices. Our smart home technicians can help you find the perfect smart home solutions to get through the holiday season and everyday life. Just contact us to see how you can start planning your perfect smart home!




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