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Does the idea of seamless smart home automation throughout your home sound exciting? What if we told you there was an easy way to integrate your favorite smart home solutions throughout the inside and outside of your home – all you need is the right smart home software to get started.

From smart speakers and TVs to integrated smart lighting, smart home solutions have never been more accessible to incorporate into your home. However, it can be difficult to determine what smart home devices you need, not to mention finding the right platform that’s compatible with them all. If you’ve been looking for innovative smart home solutions that integrate into one seamless platform, we have the answer you’ve been waiting for – Crestron Home Automation.

As a company, Crestron is dedicated to finding innovative smart home solutions for homeowners and making their technology highly accessible. The devices they make aren’t just automated – they’re collaborative with one another, so all your favorite smart home devices stay connected 24/7.

No matter how familiar you are with home automation, Crestron’s line of smart home automation products is ideal for both novices and experts. You can finally have the smart home you’ve always wanted.



What is Crestron?

Crestron is a company that combines innovative home automation with total accessibility. More often than not, homeowners invest in home automation that isn’t compatible with their existing software systems, which can be troublesome. For instance, some home automation systems cater to Google devices versus Amazon devices, limiting your technology. The last thing you want is smart home devices that can’t communicate with one another.

Luckily, as a home automation leader, Crestron has thought of everything when it comes to smart home solutions and software. As a company, they do more than manufacture smart home products like automated blinds, automated lighting systems, and surround sound speakers – they also offer Creston Home. Creston Home is a multi-faceted software system that allows your smart home devices to communicate with one another under one easy-to-use software. After home automation professionals install it, you can access Creston Home from anywhere.

Crestron home automation is incredibly straightforward to use – the most challenging part is deciding which smart home systems you like. As licensed home automation professionals, Carolina Custom Sound technicians know what it takes to install your smart home products and software. Based on your smart home needs, our technicians will discuss which products are best for your space and lifestyle and create a customized plan for your smart home. Once we decide which products are ideal for your home, we’ll move forward with device installation.

Whether you need a smart lighting system, smart security system, or a way to keep everything connected, Crestron creates a wide range of products suited to the varying needs of homeowners. In addition to their incredible home automation products, they also have a variety of smart solutions for the workspace so you can incorporate smart home solutions into your next meeting.


Smart Home Solutions By Crestron

If you’re ready to install multi-dimensional smart home solutions, Crestron has the systems you’ve been waiting for. However, it’s hard to know what you need in your smart home with so many products to choose from. Luckily, Crestron has created a wide range of smart home products suitable for a home theater room, entertainment center, or even your kitchen and dining space.

If you’re newer to the world of home automation and want to find smart long-term solutions to your home automation needs, we’re rounded up our favorite Crestron smart home products so you can find the best solutions for your lifestyle.


Smart Home Security

When it comes to your home’s security, everyone has different levels of comfort. A few smart door locks might be enough for some, while others want smart security cameras overlooking every part of their home. No matter your preference, once you find the right smart home security system for your family, you’ll have the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for – and that’s where Crestron can assist.

Through Crestron Home, you’ll have the ability to monitor your home’s security from anywhere. You can see whether your smart door locks are in use, and if needed, can unlock the backdoor for your kids or partner if they don’t have their keys. Plus, you’ll be able to view smart home security footage from your Crestron Home application and see anyone who’s approaching the front door. You can use your phone or smart tablet to view who comes and goes throughout the day.

Whether you’re away at work or the kids are coming home from school, being able to check in on your home throughout the day is more than a convenience – it’s a necessity. With Crestron Home, you’ll be able to keep tabs on everything going on within and outside of your home.


Smart Home Entertainment 

Imagine this – it’s time to watch a Friday night movie with your family. Instead of fumbling around with the remote and trying to adjust the audio, you’ll be able to turn on the TV and activate the surround sound speakers at the same time. Crestron smart home entertainment is designed to simplify and enhance your home movie experience along with TV and sporting events. With Crestron Home’s interactive software, you can watch multiple shows simultaneously or set your favorite programs and channels on your universal remote. You’ll never experience your home theater the same way again.

With Crestron Home’s impressive audio system software, you’ll be able to interact with all your speakers at once, syncing them together to create a sound experience like no other. Play your favorite album in the kitchen and living room, or activate every smart speaker during movie night. Compatible with devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Sonos Smart Speakers, and so many others, your existing smart speakers are about to become even more in sync.


Smart Home Temperature, Lighting, and Shades

Wouldn’t it be great to regulate your home’s lighting and temperature and reduce that usually high energy bill at the end of every month? Well, now you can! Crestron’s environmental controls give you the ability to control your home’s lighting and temperature with ease. With Crestron Home, you can manage your entire home with the push of a button, adjusting or programming the temperature you want with ease. You can even set timers or control individual rooms, selecting the desired temperature for each room in your home.

Another thing you can control with ease? How much natural light enters your home. Sometimes, it’s nice to let the natural light of the sun warm up your home; however, the harsh UV rays and open blinds aren’t always welcome throughout the day. That’s when Crestron’s smart shade system comes in handy. You can decide when to open and close your blinds and how much light you want to enjoy in your home. Additionally, you can pick the colors and style of shades you want, so you’re bound to find a solution that compliments your space.

Even once the sun sets, you can control your smart home lighting’s brightness and usage, thanks to Crestron. The Crestron Home software lets you control lighting in every room of your home, so you can decide how bright or low you’d like to set your lights. Now, it’s easier than ever to come home to a bright house!


Advantages of Crestron Home Automation

With Crestron home automation, you don’t just get incredible smart products – you get to access all your essential devices. Your everyday routines and habits will take seconds to complete, and even if you forget to lock your door or turn off a light, your Crestron Home mobile application will simplify these daily routines.

If you’re ready to use smart home solutions with Crestron, our home automation experts are here to help. Simply contact our team to learn more about our residential home automation services.



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