One of the best parts about automating our homes is gaining the ability to control essential home services. Whether you’re at the office or out of town, it’s easier than ever to access your home, all while saving incredible amounts of energy. If you’re already familiar with smart home devices like Googe Home and Amazon Alexa, it might be time to take your home technology one step further, and explore more of the benefits home automation has to offer.

Currently, one of the best smart home solutions on the market is home light automation and automated shades. These smart devices are ideal for brightening, cooling, and enhancing our homes, all while conserving and monitoring energy. You can simplify your everyday routine, by just by connecting lighting and blinds to your home.



Automated Lighting Basics


After a long day, arriving home to a brightly lit living room or bedroom isn’t just convenient – it’s relaxing and inviting. With home light automation, you can control your entire home lighting system remotely, or use a few smart home devices. Smart home lights operate using a wireless transmission signal to turn your lights on and off. In many instances, you need a wifi connection to activate your smart home lighting system, but depending on what software you use in your home, this isn’t always necessary.

Automated smart lighting systems can work in a few different ways. If you’re looking to start small with your smart lighting connection, simply install smart LED light bulbs, to begin with. From there, you can use more than just LED bulbs – smart switches and smart plugs are another great way to start using smart lighting systems in your everyday life.

The best part about smart lighting controls is how simple and easy to use they are. If you’re on your way home from work, simply touch a button to turn everything on at once. Coming home to a light and bright house truly is easier than ever before. Plus, you won’t risk forgetting about the kitchen or bedroom lights, which means you’ll reduce your total energy consumption and electric bills.

Alternatively, you can regulate your smart home lighting system by adding timers to your devices. When you’re ready to come home, your smart lighting system will turn on automatically thanks to these preset timers.

You can also turn on your lights using voice-commands when synced to your smart home hub. Just ask your Amazon Echo or smart home system to turn on your lights when you walk through the door. You’ll be able to turn on select rooms, or your entire home, at your convenience.

An additional and unexpected benefit of smart lights? They can add an extra layer of security to your smart home, by simulating your normal routine. If you’re out of town and have your smart locks and security system activated, that doesn’t always mean your home is spared from wandering eyes. 

Setting automated light timers in your living room can provide the illusion that you’re still home, even if you’re gone. Just change the lights to switch on by setting the perfect automated timer.



Simplify Time at Home


If you’ve ever balanced grocery bags on your knee in a dark kitchen with your fingers tangled in car keys, you know this isn’t an effective way to walk through the door. Finding the light switch when your hands are full is a hassle, but with automated light, coming home truly is a breeze. Simply ask your kitchen to light the way, or activate your entire floor with one smart wall switch. 

Automated lighting creates a cohesive, calm aspect in your interior space while alleviating the stress of coming home. New-build construction and remodels provide the perfect opportunity for centralizing lighting wires, so you can start building the perfect smart home. This eliminates the need for switch banks and replaces individual lighting fixtures with unobtrusive keypads, which will look they’ve always belonged. With the right measurements and installation, smart lighting truly is a breeze. 



How Can Automated Shades Help My Home?


Once you have the perfect automated lighting system installed, the next step is installing automatic shading. Automatic shades protect different areas of your home throughout the day from becoming increasingly hot, which helps your smart thermostat stay regulated all day long.

Unlike traditional window treatments or blinds that have to be turned manually, smart shades guarantee a perfect temperature, while still providing some natural lighting. Many motorized blinds and roller shades allow natural light to pass through their barrier, without letting the sun’s UV rays or glare. Motorized shades can maintain the perfect temperature in your home, without compromising your home’s natural lighting system.

Now, you won’t have to worry about your home becoming an oven in your absence. While you’re at work or out of town, you can save energy with automated shades. Plus, you’ll be maximizing your home theater experience by eliminating bright glare from the sun.



Benefits of Automated Shades


While you might not think about the harsh glare of the sun while you’re at work, you will think about it on the weekends and during family visits. If you want to enjoy a movie marathon with your loved ones, it’s important to have the best environment for a screening – which is why automated shades are so helpful.

There are plenty of additional benefits to automated shades, including:

  • Additional Privacy
    • Like typical curtains, automated shades and motorized blinds offer additional protection and security. If you plan on going out of town and don’t want anyone peeping in the windows, you can access your shades through your smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to control your smart shades from anywhere, whether it’s just for movie night, or for an extended period of time.
  • Convenient and Easy Entertainment Assistance
    • Instead of standing up to pull the curtains shut, you can now simply press a button during home movie night. Automatic shades give you the freedom and capability to control your blinds, without pausing the movie.
  • Energy Savings
    • With smart home technology, you’ll be able to see incredible energy savings. Smart blinds and shades, like voice control lighting, can help reduce your footprint and total energy consumption. You’ll be able to reduce the amount of external heating and air entering your home, which is a true energy saver.



Whether you want a complete home automation upgrade, or want to go one room at a time with automated lighting and shades, every step is putting you closer to a more energy-efficient home. But, with so many incredible smart home products to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you need more home automation inspiration, explore our Four Innovative Home Automation Ideas and learn how to automate your home appliances.



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