The reality is, not all home appliances were made equally. While things like smart doorbells and home security systems have caught up to speed, other appliances aren’t quite there yet. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same automated support for these devices. Learn how to automate home appliances.

There are plenty of ways to start automating your normal home appliances, all it takes are the right smart home gadgets, and software, to help simplify your home. Home automation is more than a quick fix – it will make your appliances accessible, and more affordable.



Smart Plugs

One of the easiest ways to automate your normal appliances is through smart plugs – a small but affective fix that can be integrated with your other home automation products. These gadgets are wifi enabled and can be synced with your existing smart home hub, like a Google Home or Amazon Alexa. All you need is the right mobile application software, and you’ll be able to access these gadgets at any point you need.

Smart plugs are great for smaller devices, such as bedroom lights or coffee makers, because they are switched on and off automatically, or through voice command.

Additionally, you can use smart plugs on your larger home devices, such as a washer and dryer. The best part about smart plugs is that you can monitor your energy consumption. You’ll be able to see how often you run larger appliances, and can cut back on your energy usage accordingly.


Wifi Supported Power Strips

These power strips work similarly to smart plugs – all you need is a reliable wifi connection, mobile software, and you’ll be able to support a variety of appliances at the same time.

The biggest advantage of power strips is how they are able to support so many devices at once. This is ideal for areas in your home that consume large doses of energy throughout the day. For instance, your kitchen and your bathroom are areas that require lots of home appliances. Not only can you turn them on automatically – you’ll be able to reduce your energy level and set timers for how long your appliances run.


There’s An App For Everything

Everything you need to operate your home appliances can be found on your smartphone – you just need the right applications. So many of our existing smart appliances have the ability to turn on and off at the touch of a button, thanks to smart software that’s been developed for our phones – so take advantage of that feature as often as possible, to control your smart appliances.

If you happen to have a smart thermostat or smart lighting, you can control these devices remotely using your mobile device. Start using mobile devices to control your other appliances if they can be synced with your smart home.

If you are someone who truly wants to embrace home automation, start finding appliances that can be operated using mobile devices, or can be synced to your smart home hub and accessed through voice control. Smart locks, TVs, and front doorbells shouldn’t be the only appliances you can control remotely. Everything has the ability to be controlled remotely.


Set Up Automated Schedules

The key with home appliances, and home automation in general, is setting up schedules. The reason automated schedules are so important? They can have your devices ready to go before you wake up, come home, and when you go to work.

Programing your home devices to operate without manual control can give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for, in so many ways. You’ll never have to worry about wasting energy on kitchen appliances that are taking up too much power – they’ll shut off on their own.



If you want more peace of mind from your smart home appliances, take a look at some of the benefits of smart security systems, smart thermostats, and smart doorbells. Affordable, energy-saving control, has been so convenient.



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