When it comes to your home theater, the term ‘picture perfect’ matters more than ever before. No movie-watching experience is complete without a clear, high definition screen, but what if your HD TV just doesn’t cover it?

Instead of modifying your movie night expectations, why not adjust your screen size by finding the best home theater projectors for your space! There is no reason you should have to compromise on high-quality images just because you’re watching from home. That’s why were here to highlight all the benefits of home theater projectors and share our favorite projector partners and their products.



Why Install a Home Theater Projector?


Traditionally, most people feel comfortable with a TV screen when it comes to home movie night. However, there are always a few things that can interfere with the quality of your screen time. Between the size of your screen, color accuracy, and alternating between HDMI ports to access all your devices, your movie night might not be what you envisioned. With a projector, you can bypass all the friction of traditional television screens, and avoid any home theater installation mishaps.

A home theater projector redefines home movie night, and provides picture quality that is unparalleled. A projector screen is completely adjustable, so instead of upgrading your TV year after year, you can simply modify the width of your projector screen as needed. Plus, with a projector, you can project your movie in your home theater basement, living room, or even outside on your patio or deck. All you need is a dark room, and a wall suitable enough for screening.

By creating a larger screen, you’ll be able to see every detail with the utmost clarity and avoid any eye strain that comes from small home viewings. Everyone in your family will be able to watch a high definition screen, without missing a moment.

Plus, there are a wide variety of projector types that are perfect for every type of home theater. Browsing through products like 4k projectors that capitalize on quality, or short-throw projectors that let you install your projector as close as you’d like, providing you with a superior movie-watching experience.

Now that you’ve learned more about the advantages of projectors, we’re going to take a closer look at some of our projector partners, and the benefits of their home movie projectors.



Build the Perfect Theater with BenQ Movie Projectors


If you’re all about home entertainment and want to do more than just transform your living room, a BenQ home theater projector is perfect for you. They carry a variety of projectors that are perfect for every time of moviegoer, such as the 4k THX projector that fully captures the details of your film. The best part about BenQ projectors isn’t just the quality of screening, but the variety of projectors they create. From seamless installation to portable projectors, they truly have something for everyone.



Explore Epson Home Cinema Projectors


Epson might ring a bell when you think of printers and scanners, but don’t let their printing experience fool you. Epson has created a reputation for being well known in the printing industry, but their projectors are ideal for home movie nights!

The Epson Home Cinema and Pro Cinema projector lines are packed full of high-quality projectors, at a variety of price points. Depending on the design and needs of your home theater, Epson projectors provide the perfect combination of quality and price points. You can sit back and enjoy the big screen, without compromising on image quality or your budget.



JVC Projectors Step Up Your Screening


JVC home theater protectors truly are one of a kind in so many ways. Their line of 4k projectors has various ranges of brightness, creating vivid color contrasts, and sharp screen clarity. Pick from dozens of exciting projector models, that will redefine your idea of clarity and definition.

The DILA and DLP lines of home theater projectors are great for dedicated moviegoers who want to make the most of their screen time. Now, you can entertain and enjoy your home movie nights like never before.



See Clearly with a Sony Home Theater


As a staple in the home technology industry, Sony home theater projectors truly do it all. Their line of projectors vary from the highest HD clarity to 4k projector screens, and short throw projectors. With these high-quality projectors, you can enjoy high resolution viewing on all your home movie nights. From sporting events to game nights – nothing will ever be the same with a Sony projector for all your viewing experiences.



How to Install A Home Theater Projector


If you’re ready to install one of these amazing projectors in your home theater room, living room, or outdoor entertainment center, just contact our team at Carolina Custom Sound. We’ll walk you through important installation steps, such as:

We’re happy to help you create your perfect home theater room, one step at a time.



For more home theater advice, explore our Home Theater Installation Tips to help you get started. If you’re ready to create the custom home theater of your dreams, take a moment to explore our Home Theater Installation Services, and discover the 4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Your Home Automation Project.



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