Creating the perfect home theater room takes more than a great widescreen TV, movie theater projector, or home theater seating. There’s a reason we talk so much about the audio-visual experience at Carolina Custom Sound. To us, no screening is complete without both! Having incredible visuals is an essential part of your viewing process, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

When it comes to home theater installation, any good smart home professional knows that no home movie night is complete without the right speakers. However, finding the right speakers for your home theater can be easier said than done at times.

Instead of spending hours researching the best home theater speakers, trying to understand what works best for your home theater needs, we’re here to help. Part of our home theater installation services includes finding the best home theater speakers, and today, we’re going to discuss our favorite speaker brands for every home theater room.



Importance of Home Theater Speakers

When it comes to home theaters, many people associate home movie night with their screens, rather than their speakers. While no movie marathon is complete without the right full-screen TV or drop-down projector, they’re not the only thing that matters.

Home theater speakers are an essential part of the movie-watching experience because no movie is complete without surround sound audio. Sure, seeing an action film play out on your screen is suspenseful and exciting, but without the accompanying sound effects, how do you feel the impact of a fight, fall, or other moments in the scene?

Home theater speakers aren’t just there to provide sounds – they complete the moving going experience by transforming your home into a proper theater. The surround sound audio truly immerses viewers into the movie, so they’re able to enjoy their home theater experience from start to finish.

If you’re ready to create the perfect home theater experience, we’re here to help. Without further ado, let’s dive into the best home theater speakers.


Best Home Theater Speakers

At Carolina Custom Sound, we understand that everyone’s home theater needs are different. Some families just need a few well-designed speakers, while others want the ultimate surround sound experience. That’s why we take a customized approach to all our home theater installation services, so every home theater has the perfect audio-visual experience.

If you’re ready to learn more about the best home theater speakers, continue reading.


For the Cinema Expert – Klipsch

If you’re passionate about film and understand that it takes more than a few speakers to get the job done, then the Klipsch home theater speakers are the perfect solution. Their sleek, high-quality designs integrate seamlessly into any space. For instance, if your home theater room doubles as a playroom or game space, Klipsch’s home theater speakers can be integrated into your home with ease.

Klipsch does more than produce speakers – they’re known for creating one of a kind audio systems that capture every sound. Their range of products includes everything you could imagine, like a standard home theater speaker system, a subwoofer home theater system, and two different kinds of Dolby Atmos home theater speaker systems. These speakers are distinct, sharp, and exactly what you need to make your screen time memorable. Ideal for watching the greatest films of all time, these speakers won’t miss a breath, pause, or second of your movie.

If you don’t want to buy a previously constructed system, Klipsch sells floor standing speakers, soundbars, bookshelf speakers, and surround sound speakers. Together, we can build your perfect home theater audio system or create your own.


For the Everyday Movie Lover – Sonos

Although Sonos is newer to the home theater world, their speakers have quickly made their mark as a powerful surround sound speaker brand. Sonos smart speakers are great for music and casual entertainment, but their home theater systems are also one of a kind.

In terms of their products, Sonos currently offers two different soundbars – one with Dolby Atmos features – a wireless subwoofer and offers several entertainment sets that let listeners pick which soundbar is most compatible with their needs.

These high-quality home theater speakers are great for everyday movie lovers who want to enjoy their films but don’t want to break the bank. If you’re newer to the world of home automation and home theater systems, Sonos home theater speakers are the best choice for your viewing needs.


For the Aesthetic Movie Watcher – GoldenEar 

If you’re someone who wants to be captivated by your movie but doesn’t want to see your home theater speakers mounted to the wall, GoldenEar is the perfect brand for your needs. While they offer floor standing speakers, center speakers, and subwoofers, GoldenEar knows that sometimes it’s better to enjoy the movie without any distractions. That’s why they also created bookshelf speakers and in-wall speakers so that you can watch your film with little evidence.

In particular, their in-wall speakers are designed to pack a punch without making their presence known. For those who use your home theater to entertain or need to save on space, GoldenEar home theater speakers are your perfect match.


For the Full Package – Monitor Audio 

Sometimes, we love enjoying movies indoors and outdoors. If you’re someone who wants the total home theater experience and installation package, Monitor Audio is perfect for you. They offer a wide range of indoor speaker systems that cater to your home theater needs, such as bookshelf, floor-standing, surround sound, and soundbars, but their product line has so much more to offer.

If you want an outdoor home theater system, Monitor Audio offers several outdoor speaker options that are durable enough to survive wind, rain, and other weather conditions. You can set up an outdoor theater in no time, thanks to Monitor Audio.


For the Small Speaker Enthusiast – Sunfire 

Sunfire home theater speakers are known for their simple, sleek design and ability to pack a punch in any home theater. Sunfire’s home theater speakers offer on the wall and bookshelf speakers, along with in-wall center speakers so that you can have a total surround sound experience.

They also carry subwoofers and audio amplifiers, so you can mix and match their products to create the perfect sound for your home theater room.


For the Experience – Definitive Technology

If you love the idea of building your home theater system and adding speakers as you see fit, Definitive Technology has the perfect selection of home theater speakers. With so many ways to configure your system, the possibilities are endless. Now, creating your home theater is as exciting as watching a movie. Definitive Technology offers several movie speaker series that is great for basements, attics, bonus rooms, and any home theater space you like. Every arrangement offers different components so you can get the system you’ve always wanted.

In addition to their various home theater speaker series, they also carry subwoofers and soundbars so that you can pick the perfect audio system experience for your theater.


How to choose home theater speakers

Now that we’ve discussed the best home theater speakers, it’s time to determine how you’ll pick the perfect home theater speakers for your space. While quality is an important feature, it doesn’t determine everything. Choosing the right home theater speakers depends on your:

  • Space
    • Every space is unique, so it’s essential to think about the way yours is laid out. If you have a spacious home theater room, floor speakers aren’t an issue, but wall speakers might be a better alternative if things are a little cozier.
  • Budget
    • Every speaker system has a different price range. Just like how much a home theater room costs, every surround sound speaker, bar, and subwoofer will vary in price. It’s important to find a speaker system that fits within your budget, without compromising on the quality.
  • Location
    • A speaker can only perform well when it’s in the right location. If a wall-mounted speaker is placed at the wrong angle or is too far away from your space, chances are it won’t provide the impactful movie experience you’d been hoping for. Think about the wall space in your home theater room, and consider the best locations for your area.
  • Style
    • Everyone has different preferences – the look of your home theater speakers are no different! Consider what you like to look at, or if you’re someone who wants their speakers to be heard but not seen. If you need inspiration, review our Home Theater Room Must Haves.


It can be tough finding the best home theater speakers for your space, but the home automation experts at Carolina Custom Sound are here to help however we can. To learn more about our most trusted brands, review our home automation and home theater partners.



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