A home theater room is far more than an everyday entertainment hub for you and your family – it’s a place where memories are made, and everyone can come together to enjoy quality time with one another.

However, creating the perfect home theater is easier said than done sometimes – there are plenty of mistakes that can happen if you attempt to do it yourself, without the professional assistance of home automation experts. While speaker placement or TV location might not seem very important, they are actually fundamental parts of creating your perfect home theater, and making those future memories.

If you’d like to avoid common mistakes that happen while building a home theater, take a look at the recurring issues we’ve found, and how you can avoid them while installing your home theater.



Find the Right Screen Size

Not all TVs (or projectors) were built equally. If you have a huge basement dedicated to your home theater space, it’s a good idea to get a TV screen that is made for large viewing parties. But, if you’re using a media room as your home theater, it doesn’t make sense to get a large TV that takes up the entire room.

It’s far more important to get a high-quality screen that fits your room, and atmosphere, rather than an overly large screen that just fills the space. Just because you’re watching a movie doesn’t mean you need a TV bigger than your couch to see the screen.

Be realistic in your investments. Don’t buy a TV that’s too big for your room, just because you think it looks nice. Chances are, you’ll experience poor viewing angles, because you didn’t make the proper measurements for your space.


Lighting is Everything

It’s no good to have a movie theater without the right lighting – or lack of lighting! If you want to watch a movie earlier in the day, and your blinds just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to rethink your home theater lighting arrangement.

Installing smart lighting and shades to help block out the sun during your movie screenings is going to be extremely helpful for long movie marathons. Rather than combat the sun’s glare, or constantly getting up to adjust your lights or curtains, automated lighting and shades make it easy to control everything from your phone or smart remote. Not installing the right lighting is just going to take away from your movie viewing experience.


Don’t Skip Proper Speaker Installation

Viewing makes up only half of your home theater experience – your sound system is equally as important! When you decide to set up a home theater room, or media room, it might be tempting to skip the surround sound smart speakers and opt for a sound bar, or bookshelf speakers instead. Don’t be tempted!

You are just wasting your time and money by finding other solutions to surround sound. While sound bars, and speaker integration can enhance your movie watching experiences, they might not be best for your space.

Talk to a home automation expert, who specializes in home theaters, to discuss what options are best for your movie theater room. Whether that means using a sound bar as your center speaker, or installing smaller surround sound speakers, they will advise you accordingly. Plus, a professional can hide all the additional speaker wires and HDMI cables that keep your devices connected.


Get Your Home Theater Prewired

Prewiring is an essential part of any home automation system – it’s what keeps your smart home devices connected to one another. Without the right pre wiring services, it’s difficult to keep your surround sound, video, and respective devices connected.

For a home theater system, prewiring is very important for a number of reasons. Without the proper prewiring, you’re speakers, TV, lighting, and smart devices won’t operate properly – or together. The beauty of a smart home is having control over all of your devices. Operating multiple remotes and facing faulty network connections is the last thing you need while you’re trying to start a movie.

When it comes to prewiring, doing it yourself can be time consuming, complicated, and ineffective. Home automation professionals can connect all of your smart devices, and hide your additional chords in flat panels, or other smart locations.

Now, you can stream movies with ease, or kick back and watch a blu ray DVD, while enjoying delicious movie snacks. However you watch your movie, don’t avoid the prewiring services that simplify your viewing experiences.


Talk About the Budget

Budget is important – but so is getting the best devices for your space. When designing a home theater, it’s all about balance. Consulting with a smart home expert, who can guide you through where to splurge and save, can help you find the best smart home solutions for your home theater. That way, you’ll be able to round out your theater with comfortable seating, and other features that compliment your space. Home automation can be affordable, and budget friendly.

If you’re curious about what home automation projects work within your budget, check out our free eBook Is Affordable Home Automation Really an Option to explore your options.



Want to avoid these common home theater mistakes, and create the perfect entertainment hub for family and friends? Get started automating your home theater, by contacting Carolina Custom Sound – we love building smart homes of the future.



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