It’s no secret that a remote might not be the most glamorous smart home accessory. Typically, a remote is something we spend so much time trying to find, it’s one of the less exciting features of our home automation system. However, that is all about to change with the new Control4 Neeo smart remote. Unlike a typical heavy, button filled remote, this universal remote is designed for the user and can become one of your favorite features. Keep reading for all the latest facts that will make the Neeo smart remote your must-have smart home gadget.



What is the Neeo Smart Remote?


The Neeo remote was created for simplicity, design, and control, unlike other remotes that come with your cable provider. Typical remote controls aren’t ideal for your lifestyle, because you have to change inputs, deal with dying batteries, and other tedious things that change the way you control your smart home devices.

Neeo changes the typical remote control system because it’s a combination of small buttons and a touchscreen remote. It’s lightweight design, made from machined aluminum, is easy to handle, and makes technology a breeze. Not to mention, it’s durable enough for drops, tosses, throws, and whatever else life has in store. You can leave it on the couch for days, without worrying about its battery life. With such a smart design, Neeo lasts for up to five days without a charge and is connected to your home through wi-fi.




Remote Control that Keeps you Connected


The biggest benefit of the Neeo remote is how you can access all of your favorite audio and visual devices from one place and is compatible with the latest Control4 smart home systems. Your connected devices can be turned on, off, muted, and paused, from wherever you are. Some of the perks include:

  • Select a video source for streaming, from the home screen of your remote
  • Access your favorite music accounts, and change and modify your music accordingly on your smart speakers
  • Ask your smart home hub, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, for assistance from your remote
  • Change channels and view all of your popular accounts up close, so you can change from blu-ray devices to Netflix at a moments notice


The Ultimate Smart Home Device


A typical remote gives you access to one device – the Neeo’s design gives you access to everything you can imagine. Controlling your high-resolution smart home devices doesn’t stop with audio and visual experiences. The Neeo remote for control4 includes access to: 

  • Smart lighting and shades, so you can connect to smart lights, plugs, and dimming systems to control the atmosphere in your home
  • See who’s at your door, with the ability to view smart home security systems and locks from your remote. Lock the door while you’re watching a movie on the couch
  • Access other great features in your Control4 smart home, all from your new remote


The idea of remote home control isn’t in the future. It can be your reality. The ability to access all of your devices from one place, and keep your home smart and safe, is within reach. The Neeo remote provides all the intelligence and comforts of home at the touch of a button.



If you already have Control4 integrated with your home technology, Carolina Custom Sound is happy to take your smart home to the next level by setting up your Neeo remote. However, if you want to learn more about remote access, and want to get Control4 technology professionally installed in your home, contact Carolina Custom Sound today to get started on all your smart home solutions. Still wondering if home automation is viable for your lifestyle? Check out our eBook, Can I Afford Home Automation, to see how we can bring affordable automation into your life.



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