When it comes to home security, there’s plenty to consider concerning the well-being of yourself and your loved ones. Hearing a bump in the night, or not knowing what’s going on outside your home while your away is a nerve-wracking experience, to say the least. While you can’t always control what happens to your home, you can be aware of what’s going on at all times, with the right smart home solutions.

If you’ve been searching for additional peace of mind for your family, and your home, it might be time to consider a smart doorbell installation. A doorbell is far different than our other smart home automation features, like a home theater or smart home speakers, but it’s one of the best smart home solutions money can buy, for convenience and safety features.

There are lots of benefits smart doorbells can bring to your life, and their installation is pretty seamless when done by home automation experts. If you want to learn more about smart doorbell installation, and why you should consider purchasing a smart doorbell for your home, keep reading.



Your Next Smart Home Must Have – Control4’s Chime

The next big thing in smart home technology? Control4’s Chime, the latest in smart home automation and security. Control4’s chime is designed to give you peace of mind and accessibility from anywhere. You can answer the door right from your phone, or see a package get delivered while you’re at work. Thanks to its motion detection technology, you’ll be notified the minute someone walks up to the front door.

The best part of this new smart doorbell is that users have the ability to set up zones, so you don’t get notifications every time the wind blows or a car drives by. The zones are 100% controlled by the user, and you’ll receive notifications every time someone steps into one of your motion activated zones. Plus, it’s compatible with all Control4 touch screen devices and the Control4 mobile app!




The Upgrade You Can’t Live Without

A smart doorbell is one of the best smart home upgrades you can add to your life, for a variety of reasons. It’s not just another existing doorbell that rings and leaves you uncertain of who is on the other side. This doorbell chimes and notified you the second someone is outside – talk about high tech.

All smart doorbells come with brand new features like cameras and motion sensors, that detect movement and will notify you when someone is at your door. Once your notified on your phone, you’ll be able to pull up the smart doorbell application and see who’s on the other side of your door. Many systems, such as the ring doorbell, let you install a ring video to the outside of your doorbell, and once you download the ring app, you’re able to see whoever is outside. This goes beyond an ordinary mounted doorbell – it’s a complete upgrade that takes your security to the next level.

It’s ideal for when you are away at work, out of town for days, or even in another area of the house. It’s the peace of mind and security upgrade you have been searching for, and will provide seamless communication from your home to your phone, thanks to its wi fi connection.


Extra Set of Eyes

Whether you are home, or away, it’s always nice to have an extra set of eyes checking on things when you can’t. It’s easy to think your home is secure because you asked the neighbors to keep an eye on things, but rather than leave it to chance, it’s best to take matters into your hands.

Most smart doorbells are designed with a security camera, so you’ll be able to view what’s going on outside your door from anywhere. If you’re busy working in your home office and happen to hear the doorbell ring? You’ll be able to view who’s on the other side from your smartphone, and can determine whether or not it’s someone you were expecting. Even if the motion sensors detected something like the wind, it’s better to be notified of what’s going on, rather than feel uneasy about the security of your home.


Chat with Whoever is Outside the Door

Smart doorbells have additional communication features that are great for enhancing your daily life. If you happen to be out of the house and get a notification that someone is at your door, you’ll be able to communicate with them through your smart doorbell.

Guide the UPS man on where he should place your packages, or tell the cleaning crew where their spare key is located – whatever the need is, you’ll be able to openly discuss the message with however at the doorstep.

Or, if you are expecting out of town guests, and they arrive sooner than expected, you can chat with them directly through the doorbell and unlock the door for them, using a smart door lock. It streamlines all the communication issues, and uncertainty that comes with whoever is on the other side of the door.


Sync with other Smart Home Devices

One of the best parts of various smart home solutions is how you can connect them within existing systems throughout your home. Well, the same goes for your smart doorbell – it can be connected to other devices you have within your home. 

With the installation of a smart doorbell, you’ll be able to sync it with other automated devices in your home, such as your smart home security system and smart door locks. You’ll be able to see if someone has tried to enter your home, or successfully entered your home, based on the connections between these devices. You can receive lock notifications, check your doorbell, and know what’s going in a matter of seconds. Your smart doorbell, combined with your smart door lock, creates the essential security and protection your home needs in your absence.


Simplifies Your Time

It’s no secret that time is precious – imagine spending those precious moments wondering if your out of town visitors made it safely to your house, or agonizing if someone has been around your house while your children are there without supervision. Instead of wondering what could happen, you’ll be able to see what’s happening in real-time and reduce the worries that pop up while you’re away.

Plus, instead of wasting time talking to strangers, you’ll be able to choose when and who you open the door for. Never waste time stressing about the unknown.


Easy Installation

Working with efficient home automation professionals means purchasing and installing a smart doorbell is quicker and easier than ever. The best part of working with automation professionals is that they’ll be able to walk you through the installation process, teach you how to operate your system applications, and view different monitoring and notification systems on your phone. Plus, you’ll be able to integrate your smart doorbell with other automation features in your home, all because you hired a home automation professional.




If you’ve considered a smart doorbell installation in the past but weren’t sure about the benefits home automation can provide your home, it’s time to think about the peace of mind that comes with security. For more ideas to protect your home check out, Four Innovative Home Automation Ideas and What does a Smart Home Security System do?



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