When it comes to home automation, the possibilities can be overwhelming. Sure, by now plenty of us have heard of Amazon Alexa and Google Homes, but have we really explored all the possibilities of home automation? Instead of wondering where to start, we found four home automation ideas that can start improving your life with the push of a button.




Automated locks have become a more popular home feature over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. Whenever you go out of town or leave the kids at home with a babysitter, there’s always a slight concern about whether or not the house is locked up. Instead of wondering, check for yourself with a smart lock. Automated locks systems allow you to lock and unlock your home from your smartphone so no matter where you are, you’ll always have that extra peace of mind.


Lights and Blinds

Remembering to turn off the lights is such a small thing, but it can create large expenses in the long run. On average, it costs $0.75 an hour to leave lights on in your home. That adds up quickly. Maybe your kids have a habit of leaving a light on in every room, and you’re too busy getting ready for work to remember to turn them off. The next thing you know the energy bill is higher than ever. This simple mistake is easy to fix by installing smart lights throughout your home. 

Another way to save money is by setting up automated blinds so your house stays at the right temperature. You can learn all about automated lighting and shades here.



Continue your savings with a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat such as the Nest uses your location and environmental sensors to detect when people are home and adjusts itself to your ideal temperature and can monitor your monthly energy consumption. When no one is home, a smart thermostat automatically adjusts itself so it doesn’t run unnecessarily. You can always modify the temperature on your phone so it’s just right when you walk through the door.



Let’s face it, there’s a certain dread that comes whenever the doorbell rings. Rather than deal with the unknown behind the door, a smart doorbell can solve those worries. Anytime your doorbell rings, you’ll be notified on your phone or smart home device that someone is there, even if you can’t hear it or aren’t at home.

You’ll also have the ability to check who’s at your door thanks to an added camera that comes with many smart doorbells, such as the Ring. Smart doorbells are a great home security benefit and remove those additional home safety concerns.


If you’d like to explore more of our home automation ideas, take a look at our smart home systems and the 4 benefits of professional home automation. Ready to started? Schedule a call with Carolina Custom Sound.



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