The holiday season has arrived, which means preparing for the arrival of family, holiday shopping, and getting your home ready for the festivities. If you want to optimize your home for the holidays, we have a variety of home automation gadgets to recommend ideal for entertaining and making your house feel like home.



A Smart Home Hub


For holiday entertaining, one of the home automation gadgets you can have is a smart home assistant. Things such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant are ideal for the holiday season because they can help you stay prepped and on task throughout the chaotic weeks ahead. Get ready for your Christmas party by adding things to your shopping list and your smart home app will update as needed.

Can’t remember if you already added eggs, or what you were supposed to buy your mom for Christmas? Your smart home device will read back your most recently added items, so you’ll stay on track of all your holiday shopping.

Plan on hosting friends or family soon? Now you can worry less about remembering what’s cooking in the kitchen, thanks to voice control features included in your smart home device. You can ask your device to set a reminder about the turkey in the oven, and still, have time to enjoy your party.

Whether you have an Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomePod, holiday entertaining has never been easier. Plus, most smart homes double as a smart speaker, so you can play holiday music throughout your home.



Smart Thermostats


For the holidays, a smart thermostat is a must-have home automation gadget. Whether you have the Nest or Ecobee, controlling the temperature is easier than ever.

Going away for the holidays? Just use the app on your smartphone to control your thermostat while you’re gone. You can also preset your thermostat to increase before you get home, so things are just right when you walk in the door.

It’s also ideal for keeping your home the right temperature when you have guests coming over, or plan on spending a lot of time cooking.

A smart thermostat is one of the easiest ways to save energy as well, because your system won’t run if you aren’t home, or change the temperature. You can cut energy bills in half, and use those savings towards other gadgets in your home. If you want to explore other great ways to save energy in your home, learn more about the benefits of automated shading and lighting.



Automatic Smart Lights and Plugs


One of the biggest problems during the holidays? Floating from room to room, trying to keep up with whether or not the lights were turned off. Instead of wondering, you can check for yourself, using smart lighting. 

Essentially, smart lighting uses smart light bulbs or plugs that can be remotely controlled on your phone. Instead of needing night vision when you walk through the door, you can have the lights turned on before you even arrive home. You can also adjust the brightness of your lights. Imagine dimming nearby lamps with a simple voice command, so when you go to start a holiday movie, you won’t have to get up from the couch.

Another great gadget for holiday lights are smart plugs. You don’t have to remember if you unplugged the lights anymore. Now, you can just tell them to switch off through your Alexa or Google Home, or set them on automated timers.


If you want to get the best home automation gadgets for this holiday season, but need additional help, take a look at our expert advice on your smart home speakers and four innovative home automation ideas. When in doubt, ask Carolina Custom Sound for help on all your home automation systems. We can’t wait to work with you!



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