What does home automation mean for you and your family?

While many people only think of home automation as making the TV simpler to operate or adding a new sound system to their home theater, advances in smart home technology make it possible to offer a whole suite of features that enhances not only your entertainment experience, but also the security and efficiency of your home. Plenty of folks start small with upgrades like better WiFi and connecting to smart devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and simply want to have voice control over their entertainment system, but then branch out into more powerful home automation systems from there. 


Security through home automation

How many times have you crawled into bed at the end of a long day and questioned whether or not you locked the back door? What about pulling out of the driveway and wondering if you remembered to set the alarm? Ever been at work and realized your garage door might be open? 

Imagine pressing one button on your smart phone and having all of your exterior doors lock, garage doors down, and security system armed in one swift move. Security can go so much further than adding a security camera to your front porch and checking your locks at night, and it should. After all, what’s more important than what’s in your home? 


Entertainment that’s even more enjoyable.

Enjoying your favorite music, games, and shows shouldn’t be a hassle. The whole point is to relax and immerse yourself in the experience, right? 

Whether you’re a simple streamer or a gamer with all of the gadgets available on the market, home automation makes it easy to control your entertainment system without the hassle of changing inputs, adjusting speakers, and fidgeting with a cluster of chords every time you (or your family members) want to use the TV. From home theatres to custom game rooms, home automation can make your experience more efficient and exciting, meaning you can spend less time setting it up and more time enjoying your favorite forms of entertainment.


Smarter homes make more efficient homes.

Designing your home to fit your lifestyle shouldn’t stop at countertop materials and the color of your curtains. Crafting a unique home automation experience helps ensure that your home best fits your lifestyle, maximizes comfort, and gives you the power to protect your home remotely. From adjusting a smart thermostat flipping off the lights to remotely controlling who has access to your home, the right home automation setup can solve your most pressing concerns as a homeowner.


Craft your best home experience with better products at lower prices.

We work with the most trusted brands in home automation, including Control4, Sony, and Yamaha.

By partnering with manufacturers like Control4, Sony, and Yamaha, Carolina Custom Sound is able to offer  personalized control over lighting, music, video, comfort, security, communications, and more in one unified smart home system. 

Premium surround sound? Sure. 

Want to remotely check to see who just rang the doorbell? No problem. 

Left for vacation and realized you left the lamp on the nightstand on? No worries. 

With products from Control4 and Carolina Custom Sound’s expertise, you can make your home safer, smarter, and more comfortable and control it all in one place. Don’t assume crafting your own smart home in Winston-Salem, NC and its surrounding areas might feel out of reach. Whether you’re ready to dive all in or start small and grow from there, Carolina Custom Sound can customize the best home automation experience for you and your household. 

Start creating a better homeowner experience and connect with Carolina Custom Sound today or check out our gallery to see our work.