When it comes to creating the perfect home theater, your flat screen tv or drop-down projector is the star of the show – guaranteed to provide optimal viewing for you and your family. Combined with high tech surround sound speakers, and smart lighting and shades, you’re all set for an extremely exciting screening in your personal home theater. The right smart home solutions make all the difference when it comes to your home theater, but gadgets aren’t the only thing you need to complete this space.

After all, what home theater is complete without the right seating arrangement?

Let’s face it – there’s no perfect viewing experience without the right seating. Regardless of whether or not you have a dedicated home theater space or just a media room you use on the weekends, we’ve put together a list of all the best seating options that will make your home movie night more comfortable than ever, so you can make the most of your home theater.



Creative Home Theater Seating Ideas

It’s easy enough to get a small couch for your home theater room and leave it at that, but what if you plan on hosting extended family or friends? Or you’d like to bring the experience of a real movie theater to your home? How can you create the perfect home theater room, and find the right seats for you and your family?

That’s where creative home theater seating solutions can truly complete your viewing experience. If you want to complete your home theater design, take a step back, and think about comfortable, and fun ways you can start enjoying your home theater.


Keep it Comfy with Movie Theater Reclining Chairs

If you aren’t a fan of more traditional movie theater seats, look into thick, plush, reclining seats instead. Newer movie theaters have begun installing chairs that are more like our very own home recliners, opting to let you stretch back and relax more. However, these seats come with cup holders, internal speakers, and additional gadgets that give you more control over your viewing experience. These recliners are great for late-night movies or weekend movie marathons – you’ll feel relaxed and completely immersed in the film because you’re able to stretch out.

Recliners are perfect for big movie buffs, who want everyone to have their own chair, and not feel cramped by sharing their space with anyone else. Everyone has room for movie snacks, blankets, even toys!

So, if you want a more laid back, luxurious home theater seating arrangement, this is a great option for many families who spend their weekends enjoying their home theater.


Take Advantage of Sectional Seating

If you’re building a home theater, but want to use the space for more than movie viewing, large sectional sofas and seats are the perfect choice. Most sectionals are ideal for families who want to spread out and enjoy their home theater, but also love the idea of having a game night.

If you have a media room, or a home theater set up in your basement, sectional seating is a great option for a more functional, diverse space. Plus, sectional seating can be rearranged accordingly, so if you have to accommodate for your guests, pulling out a chaise or shifting the sofa isn’t very difficult. This layout does mimic a more traditional living room seating arrangement, but has the flexibility to be rearranged to your liking.


Traditional Movie Theater, Stadium Seating

Old school movie theater seating, or stadium seating, is perfect for those movie lovers who love to host guests all the time, or have a large family. While they might not be as spacious as recliners or sectionals, single seats are great for large gatherings and parties – plus, rows of seating means everyone has a clear view!

Typically, stadium seating can be purchased in bulk and can be installed fairly easily in your home – so if you want rows of five or ten seats at a time, that isn’t difficult to arrange! Plus, traditional stadium seating is great for large gatherings and groups who want to be closer together. If you’re a big at home movie buff, traditional seating is a great option for you and your family.


Floor Cushions and Ottomans

If you’ve already established more traditional seating arrangements, but need more space for those unexpected guests or family that arrive during the holidays, there are always alternative seating options that can be moved and stored if needed. Floor cushions and ottomans are great seating options that work for large gatherings, when you’re pressed for space, but still serve you when there aren’t additional guests.

Floor cushions serve as a great seating option because kids and adults can enjoy more room on the ground, and stretch out if they want. Plus, combining floor cushions make ideal makeshift beds for the days spent binging long movie sagas.

Additionally, ottomans are great multipurpose seating for your home theater. A movie theater isn’t complete without a place to rest your feet – but if you happen to need an extra seat, you’ll have one readily available.

The best part about these seating alternatives is that they’re easy to store when you’re not using them. If you happen to have a few space floor cushions, folding them and placing them in a storage closet is easy enough – plus, they’re highly affordable compared to additional chairs or couches.

If you happen to love ottomans, consider buying one that can double as storage space for your home theater. Leather ottomans are great for storing blankets, pillows, and remotes you’d like to keep hidden. Take advantage of their comfort, and storage, when you need it most.



If you love your home theater room, but are looking for more affordable innovative smart home solutions to complete your space, we have plenty of budget friendly automation ideas. Whether you are looking for the latest smart home technology, or updated speakers for your home theater, home automation might be more affordable than you think.



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