Home Theater Packages and Installation Services


Imagine this – it’s a Friday night, and after a long work week, you’re ready to relax for a few hours. The kids ask what you’re doing for the night, and instead of scrambling to come up with an idea, you have the perfect solution – home movie night!

Instead of operating the blu ray player in your living room, and trying to figure out which HDMI cables will get the movie started, your family can walk into a home theater room perfectly equipped for your needs. You can ask your smart home hub to dim the lights, and together, you and your family can pick the perfect movie for the night.

The good news is that with Carolina Custom Sound, this doesn’t have to be a dream. If you’re ready to create a high tech home theater room for your family, at an affordable price. Our team of home automation experts are trained to install surround sound systems, home automation devices, and can arrange the perfect home theater setup for your home.

What’s Included in Our Home Theater Packages?


Each of our store locations offers home theater installation services in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Clemmons, and other areas in the North Carolina Piedmont Triad. Instead of staying in the past, it’s time to look ahead towards a smarter and simpler future. By working with reliable home automation experts, you’ll be able to get the movie theater experience you love, all from the comforts of home. Our technicians are trained to customize every home theater room to suit the needs of your space.

All of Carolina Custom Sound’s home theater installation packages include cable management, system demonstration, basic training on system operation, consolidation of remotes, and removal of all installation debris. Everything you need to create the perfect home theater room is accessible with our installation packages.

Along with our low price guarantee and award-winning white-glove service, our price estimates can provide a better idea of the cost of your home theater room. Prices will likely vary for each customer depending on equipment, labor needed, and specific requests. However, we offer in-depth, multi-service home theater packages that will complete your home theater room in no time. When it comes to home theaters Winston Salem and home theaters Greensboro, we can service you in no time.

For additional information on how to set up a home theater system, explore some of our resources down below:

In-Home Consultation

To begin your home theater experience, we like to offer our customers a free in-home consultation. One of our highly trained technicians will come to your home and design a custom home theater experience for you and your family. They will discuss your specific audio/video needs, service expectations and requirements, along with what installation packages and products will work for you.

While we’re there, we can discuss the requirements of your home theater room, such as if you’d like to include DVD players, game consoles, and additional audio inputs for your space.


Video Connection Package

For assistance with your home theater visuals, we offer a video connection package for our customers. This includes connection and setup of new or existing (qualifying) video components ONLY using factory or customer purchased cables. This is ideal for homeowners who have a media room and speaker system in place but want a more hands-on approach when it comes to enhancing your current setup.


Standard Home Theater Installation

For those who are new to the world of home automation and home theater systems, we offer a standard home theater installation package. This package includes connecting current and new audio-video components as allowed by system source capacity. Our technicians will find the best placement of your home theater system and install secure wiring in your home theater room. 

This wiring will be attached to the floorboard and/or around the door frames. However, your surround speakers will not be mounted in/on the wall in this package. We do not offer in-wall wiring of speakers. We do offer test tone and calibration for proper speaker hookup, so you can still receive the best audio connection possible.


Enhanced Home Theater Installation

If you are interested in more advanced smart home technology in your home theater room, our enhanced home theater package might be the ideal choice. Our technicians will connect current and new audio-video components as allowed by the system source capacity. We will also wall mount or flush mount (in-wall) 2 home theater speakers in the current room, based on what is permitted by your home construction. 

We will also conceal the wires to these in-wall speakers (basic wall fishing), under the carpet, floor penetration, or other locations that work for your home. Additionally, we will run a test tone and calibration for proper speaker hookups during your home theater installation.


Paramount Home Theater Installation

For the highest tech home theater, and surround sound audio, we recommend our paramount home theater installation. This package includes connecting current and new audio-video components as allowed by the system source capacity. 

Additionally, we will wall mount or flush mount (in-wall) 5 home theater speakers in the current room, pending on your home construction. We will also conceal any wires to these speakers in-wall (basic wall fishing), under the carpet, floor penetration, etc. We will also complete test tones and calibration for proper speaker hookup.


Home Theater Installation Services

If you’ve been wondering how to set up a home theater system in your basement, media room, or bonus room, the solution is simple – contact the professionals at Carolina Custom Sound! We are experts in connecting your TV screen or drop-down projector to your speaker wires, sending audio and video throughout your home theater room.

Let us take care of the home theater installation – the only thing you should have to worry about is whether or not you want stadium seating or a sectional as home theater seats! When it comes to home theaters in Greensboro NC, Winston Salem, and High Point, Carolina Custom Sound is happy to be your home automation connection.

For more information, take an in-depth look at our Home Theater Installation Services, and The Beginner’s Guide to Home Automation.