When it comes to designing your home theater, it’s important to have all the proper technology and design ideas on deck. It’s going to be much easier to convince all of your friends to come over for a movie night if you have all the right technology waiting for them in your basement or media room.

If you want to bring your family and friends the ultimate home theater experience, we’ve rounded up the must-have home theater trends of 2020, that will bring your home entertainment center to the next level. You’ve never experienced at-home audio and video like this.



Explore Sound Bars


If you haven’t heard about the latest trend in sound, you’re really missing out on some highly innovative technology. Soundbars are high-quality audio technology, that can immerse you in a surround sound experience like never before. Unlike more traditional speakers, these can be connected to wifi, your HDMI devices such as blu ray DVD players and cable box, even your smart assistants. You could access your speaker using voice control, so you can turn up the volume while your eating popcorn. These high tech gadgets are a little different than traditional smart home speakers, but are just as effective.

The best part? There are plenty of companies who design soundbars exclusively for home theater rooms. For instance, Dolby Atmos has a few specific soundbars they make that cater to music, movies, or ultimate surround sound. You can incorporate your soundbar within your existing audio system, and together, you’ll have an incredible audio experience you’ve never heard before. For more installation ideas, check out our favorite Home Theater Installation Tips.



Premium TV Screen’s


One of the biggest technology game-changers that’s emerged in 2020 is 8k resolution. Most TV’s on the market are 4k – which is high quality, but nothing like this. 8k screens offer more density when it comes to their total pixel count, which means screen resolution, colors, and movement, are incredibly sharp. Your movie could practically come off the screen with these TV screens.

So far, it appears only select streaming services are looking into 8k resolution, so it’s not picked up speed quite yet. However, you can still use your 8k TV to translate 4k resolution movies and get even higher TV quality when you’re streaming. If you want to prep for the digital future, consider looking into 8k TVs now, so you stay up to date with the latest home technology.

Another fun way to view your home movies? Short throw projectors! These devices are capable of expanding your screen display up to 80” – which is far greater than your average TV screen. Depending on your viewing preferences, short-throw projectors are a great way you expand your screen and still achieve high-quality viewing.



Innovative Home Theater Design


Sometimes it’s not all about the audio, video, gaming consoles, or multiple screens. Simply being proactive about your home theater or media room design is going to impress your guests, and keep them engaged with the movie the entire time. A few ideas we recommend are:

  • Including a sports bar, or wet bar, in your basement multimedia room. This way your guests can still grab drinks and movie snacks without missing a moment of the movie!
  • Automated shades, so you can adjust the sun’s glare from the touch of a button.
  • Open sectional seating, so your home theater can become a gaming or media room when you’re not streaming movies – we have plenty of creative seating suggestions you can explore
  • Add fun decor or quirks that make your viewing experience more authentic! Take the time to make the space completely your own.

If you’re wondering where to begin, read How to Get Started with Home Theater Automation for technology and design ideas.




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