If you’ve bought a brand new TV for your living room or home theater, but can’t locate any studs behind the drywall, you’re not alone. While mounting a television creates an optimal viewing experience for the entire family, it’s never an easy process, especially if you don’t have studs located in the prime viewing location. Between drill bits, screws, and wiring, you have enough to worry about with your tv. By the end of your installation, all that matters is getting the best viewing angles, so you can enjoy your at-home media experience.

If you have to install your TV without studs, we have a few mounting alternatives that are going to simplify your experience, so you can start enjoying your TV sooner rather than later.



Alternative Ways to Wall Mount a TV


In most TV installs, you can use a stud finder to locate the studs hidden behind your drywall, and hang your TV accordingly. But what if it means your TV won’t be at eye level, or you’ll experience more installation hassles than usual? While studs simplify the installation process, they aren’t essential. If you’re looking for other ways to hang your TV, or your stud finder isn’t picking anything up, we have a few ideas that can help get your TV onto the drywall in no time.




Anchors are a great alternative to studs because they operate in a similar fashion. Specifically, toggle anchors are an ideal solution, because they have the same structural support and durability as a stud, so it can support the weight of your TV. However, toggles can’t always be paired with full-motion tv mounts, so make sure you find the correct TV mount before you begin the installation.

Because toggles anchors are hollow, they won’t add additional weight to your wall, which is ideal for larger screens. They are one of the safest alternative solutions when you have to mount your TV, and aren’t easy enough to buy online. Before you get started, be sure to measure the distance between the TV mounting brackets, so you can drill holes and attach your toggles in just the right spot.


Mounting Plates


Mounting plates are far less invasive than traditional mounting arms, or a ceiling mount, so you’ll be able to hang your flat panel TV in no time at all. When it’s time to install your TV, simply attach the mounting plates to the back of your TV mount, so it can be installed against the wall with ease. Mounting plates offer more surface area support than other attachments, so when you mount your TV, it offers the same amount of support as traditional wall studs. Now, you can invest in a wider flat-screen TV, without worrying about the safety of your TV or wall.



Learn about the SlydLock TV Mount


TV installation might be time-consuming, but part of the struggle rests in finding a TV mount that is perfect for your screen. If you want a diverse TV mount, that is capable of fitting a variety of screen sizes, it’s time to consider the SlydLock Fireplace Nook Mount. You can keep your gaming consoles, DVD players, and smart home accessories nearby, but never have to worry about additional chords or wall exposure when you install your TV.

The SlydLock Mount fits anywhere from 32”-75” TV screens, giving you the ability to upgrade your TV whenever you want. Plus, installation is a breeze, and our home automation experts would be happy to assist you.




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