Every smart home still has it’s regular, non-automated devices – after all not every lamp and home appliance can be automated to suit your needs. Or can they?

What if there was a way to connect your basic home necessities to your smart home, so you didn’t have to worry about operating them manually? Well, now there is, thanks to smart plugs!

Smart plugs are an affordable innovative smart home solution that can connect to your existing home devices. Now you can turn on small appliances through voice control, or set a timer to turn off your bedroom lamp, all thanks to these handy gadgets. You can make every device a little bit smarter thanks to smart plugs.



What are Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs are exactly what they sound like – they’re smart devices that plug into your existing wall outlets. You simply plug in the smart plug, and from there, attach a device of your choice, and set up the appliance to respond to your plug.

These are very unique smart home gadgets, because like other smart devices, they’re able to connect to wi-fi smart plugs just need a reliable internet connection to start working.

These plugs have the ability to connect to our devices and turn them on or off through voice command. Alternatively, you can remotely control your plugs through downloadable applications, and software that’s compatible with your smart home hubs.


Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Compatibility

In order for a plug to work with your smart home, you have to find a model that works with your respective device. On the packaging, it should say if it’s an amazon smart plug, or google home smart plug – a variety of these plugs are compatible with different smart home hubs.

Once you’ve plugged in your smart plug, go to the respective smart plug application. You’ll probably have to create an account so you can access your smart plugs from anywhere. From there, you’ll be able to sync the plug to your application.

Next, to go your respective Alexa or Google application. Search for the previously downloaded smart plug application software, or the skill you want your smart home hub to operate. From there, the app will prompt you with how to finish connecting your plug, and set up will be complete!


Advantages of Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are great for a number of reasons. You can set schedules on your lights, so they know when to turn on and off. Or, you can turn on the coffee machine every morning using the automatic time feature – so you’ll have a fresh pot ready and waiting for you every day.

The main reason smart plugs are so great is that they can limit your monthly energy usage. We have so many devices plugged in and sucking up energy throughout the day, it’s difficult to keep up with energy monitoring, and avoid those high monthly bills.

Rather than install smart lighting or smart home devices in areas that need simple solutions, smart plugs are an easy, affordable way to begin your home automation journey. From there, you can begin to find what areas in your home require automation, and create a fully customized plan to suit your needs.



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