Smart home automation doesn’t stop within the four walls of your home. While it’s important to have things like smart locks, security systems, and google assistants keeping our home safe and efficient, your outdoor space can benefit from home automation as well. Some of the best features of home automation can be found outdoors, so you can become the ultimate outdoor entertainer.

If you’re ready to spruce up your backyard for summer, and want all the best outdoor automation tools by your side, we have you covered.



Automated and Solar Powered Lights


Whether it’s day or night, it’s easy to entertain your guests with the right outdoor lighting. Leaving on the porch lights is a thing of the past now, thanks to outdoor smart lighting that can be installed throughout your backyard. 

Smart lights have all the same capabilities as your smart indoor lighting system, but the durability needed to stay outside for long periods of time. The key difference here is that you can install spotlights, or even pool lighting, to illuminate your backyard. Plus, outdoor lighting gives you the ability to change the color scheme of your lights, so you can highlight exciting outdoor features. The best part of outdoor lighting is that you can create the atmosphere you want, at the touch of a button.

You can integrate the same smart light bulbs that you use inside, within your outdoor lighting scheme, so you’ll have the same accessibility and control. You’ll never have to go inside once the sun goes down. 



Outdoor Speakers


Outdoor lighting is a must-have for entertaining, or even spending extra time at home, but what is any backyard or patio without outdoor speakers?

While it’s easy enough to ask Alexa to play your favorite music inside the kitchen, it might be a little more difficult once you head outside. However, that doesn’t have to be an issue for you, with the right outdoor speakers.

There are a variety of different outdoor speakers that are designed to blast music, but are also durable enough to withstand wind and rain, without damage. Certain speakers are even designed to blend in with your outdoor features, like rocks or shrubbery. You’ll never have to worry about your speakers sticking out, if you want everything to look natural around your patio. Just as one of our expert technicians about what brands, and designs, are best suited for your needs.



Outdoor Smart Shades and Awnings


Do you have a beautiful screened-in porch you’d like to enjoy, but don’t always love the additional sunlight? While it’s great enjoying the outdoors, it’s difficult to hold conversations if you feel like you’re blinded by the sun.

One of the best home automation devices for your outdoor space is outdoor shades. They’re able to protect your porch, deck, or patio with ease, and you can access them all from your smartphone. What separates these from your indoor smart shades is that most outdoor shades have UV filters that will protect you and your space from sun damage. Some of these are even designed to withstand certain bugs from entering your home.

Most outdoor smart shades come in a variety of sizes and widths, so you can find shades that work the best for you and your space.



Other Smart Devices You Can Use Outdoors

If you’re busy outside and want to know when guests arrive while you’re out grilling, there are still some essential home automation features that will keep you in the loop while you’re outdoors. Installing a few additional smart automation features like smart outdoor security cameras, smart doorbells, and smart locks, are great ways to monitor your home, and know when guests arrive.




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