In any SciFi film, there’s some technology that may seem out of this world. In many cases, a majority of the gadgets and gizmos are completely imaginary, yet in some instances, the tech from old sci fi movies actually has been created and is used every day by normal folks just like us. While some of these items may now be so common that it seems unbelievable that at one point they were only depicted in sci-fi films, we think some of this technology we’re about to cover is still totally out of this world.



The Hoverboard

The dream come true of being able to fly was made just a little more possible with the hoverboard. Mimicking Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future, the hoverboard is sold in stores and has multiple versions with some being battery-powered and others using nitrogen superconductors in order to get off and stay above the ground. 


Video Calling

In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey the idea of a video phone call was presented on film to a wide audience. With it being 1968, this idea was most likely deemed unimaginable. In today’s world, platforms such as FaceTime and Skype have a major presence in phone interactions whether it is in a work or social setting. 


Computer Tablets 

These futuristic devices were presented on a regular basis in the show Star Trek: The Next Generation. Needless to say that these devices are so common that children are able to use them. While at one point they may have seemed futuristic, tablets are now an everyday tool used by people of all ages in completely different ways. 



In most old SciFi movies, some sort of A.I. is featured whether it is helping to cook a meal, turn on lights, or answering questions for you. Within the last half-decade or so, A.I. has made its way into our homes with technology such as Alexa and Siri. It has become so familiar that talking to Siri or Alexa is now subconscious, but at one point, these assistants were just imaginary servants. 



There is not a technological masterpiece that fights alongside the other Avengers and kills bad guys, but there is a military weapon known as TALOS. This military tool is capable of deterring bullets and working with computer processes that help it with situation awareness.


Think about the technology portrayed on current-day films, who knows what will be around in the years to come. While it might not compare to tech from old sci fi movies, automation will enhance your lifestyle by making your home more comfortable, efficient, and convenient. For more on technology that you can snag for your home today, check out our Infographic: What Is Home Automation? Ready to bring some of this technology into your home? Let’s chat!



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