Slydlock Mount

The “SlydLock” Fireplace Nook Mount

Slydlock Fireplace Nook Mount TV Installation Bracket

Patent Pending S/N – 61/295,433

The SlydLock Fireplace Nook Mount is a patent-pending TV mount available to fit a variety of style and size preferences. It’s now available with a low-profile tilt, which doubles as the flat bracket,  for LCD, plasma, LED, and OLED TV’s anywhere from 32”-75″. This mount will accommodate an opening from 32″ to 52″ wide and locks in place every 1/8th of an inch to guarantee accuracy and security. The SlyLock mount allows our team to offer custom installations while saving you and our team an hour and a half of the time it would ordinarily take with less innovative systems.

Benefits of the SlydLock Nook Mount

The new SlydLock fireplace nook mount will replace all of the existing framing, and traditional mount with one easy to install universal application.

Allow for full use of the fireplace nook.

Equipment can stay in current location in fireplace nook.

Larger TV’s can be used that were not an option earlier up to a 75″ with only a 30″ opening!

No additional furniture will have to be purchased to accommodate the new 16:9 TV’s.

Can also be used in existing furniture (antiques, armoires, as well as cabinetry).

Ordering A SlydLock Fireplace Nook Mount

In its 10+ years of availability, over 50,000 SlydLock Fireplace Nook Mount units have been sold!

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