When you lock the door and head to work, do you ever wonder what happens while you are away? Or, if the kids get off the bus stop before you’re home, if they’ve made it safely to your doorstep? Those lingering questions don’t have to go unanswered any longer, thanks to the great benefits of smart home security systems. Peace of mind has never been easier, thanks to the great monitoring systems and alerts you’ll receive at a moment’s notice.

But, do you know all the great features a smart home security system has to offer? There are a few essential facts that are important to consider while you’re selecting a smart home security system. Keep reading to find out more.



Notifies You From Anywhere


When your kids get home, or you’re expecting a package from Amazon, you’ll get notifications when someone arrives at your door. That’s the beauty of smart home security systems- they can provide remote monitoring services and send notifications directly to your phone. All you need is the right mobile app that matches your security system.

If there’s a problem in your home, like leaks or damage, you’re notified of the issue right away. If different issues are detected over remote monitoring, even if it’s a false alarm, you’ll know the minute something happens. This type of security adds a new level to peace of mind.


Smart Cameras Can Observe What You Miss


Typical security companies might install one or two cameras outside your door and call it a day, but smart home security cameras can be installed in multiple locations, turned to suit your needs, and accessed on your phone, iPad, and other smart devices. Plus, you’re less likely to face break in’s or suspicious activity with an armed home. Smart security cameras give you access to check in throughout the day and see what’s going on within and out of your home.


Access Locks and Sensors through Your Phone


One of the best things about smart home security systems is the ability to sensor areas throughout your home. Getting door and window sensors installed means you’ll be notified of movement around your home, day or night. Motion sensors are great for detecting the less noticeable things around your home, so you can rest easy with the additional security and motion detection.

Smart door locks are a great feature for your home because it’s something that can also be controlled from a mobile app. For instance, if you have guests arriving before your home, unlock the door so they can let themselves in. You’ll be able to lock up again once they’re safely indoors. Or, do the same for your kids, if they’re home alone for a window of time before you’re off work. Arm and disarm your home with ease, so you’ll never have to worry about your loved ones.


Integrate with Your Smart Home


For many smart home security systems, you’ll be able to integrate the alarm system and other notifications features into your smart home hubs. You can tell your smart home device to turn on lights, locks, and other high tech security features with voice control. Amazon Echo, Google Smart Home, and other smart home devices can provide additional security, and create the smart home integration you need.


Add Smart Security as You Want


Most security packages either oversell products you might not want or charge additional pricing for features you don’t love. DIYing a home security system isn’t the solution either – you can open yourself up to risks or safety features that you end up skipping out on.

Luckily, by consulting with home automation professionals, you’ll be able to pick a security system and features that work best for you and your lifestyle. The professionals will make things easy to install, and follow up service can include things like motion detectors and cameras, if you want to start off with a base package. Peace of mind doesn’t have to come with outrageous prices or additional features you may or may not want. Instead, focus on what matters, with a security system you can count on.



The best part of home automation? Customizing features that fit your home and give you the smart home solutions you’ve been looking for. Whether you want the ultimate smart home security system or are searching for smaller security solutions to protect your loved ones, Carolina Custom Sound are the home automation experts that can help you on your journey. Schedule a discovery call with us today to see how we can begin your home automation journey.



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