If you’re someone who forgets to turn off the lights before you leave for work, and don’t love the high electric bill that ends up waiting for you by the end of the month, it’s time to rethink your home lighting system. Luckily, this problem has a pretty quick fix that gives you all the power over your home lighting system – and electric bills. The solution? A smart lighting system, that’s completely accessible from anywhere.

Now, we’ve talked about the importance of automated lighting and shades before, but there is a whole world of knowledge that applies to smart lighting systems you might not have heard about yet. With smart lighting, you can just touch a button and completely control your smart lighting system. So, if you’re ready to learn more about the world of smart lighting, let’s take a closer look at all the benefits it can bring to your home.



What is Smart Lighting?


Smart lighting is a smart home feature that gives you complete control, and flexibility, over your home lighting fixtures. Whether that means turning on your bedside lamp while you’re getting ready for bed, or setting your living room lights on a timer, smart lighting gives you complete control over any space with the right lighting technology.

To get started with your smart lighting system, simply purchase the proper smart light bulbs, that can be installed in your lamps or recessed lights. These can be found at a variety of retailers, or you can ask your local smart home automation expert for their recommendations. 

From there, these smart bulbs will sync up with one another, becoming one giant lighting ‘network’ you can access. All of these lights can then be controlled individually, or together, just through your wifi network. All you have to do is connect the proper smart home lighting hub into your router to gain access. Other devices that are connected to your wifi network, like a phone or tablet, can then access and control your lights, from anywhere in your home. Turning on the lights just got a whole lot easier.



Smart Lighting Connections


One of the best features of smart lighting is how well is this system can be integrated within your home. Home automation isn’t all about having the best smart home devices – sometimes it’s just maximizing the amazing devices you already have. For instance, with certain smart lighting systems, you can connect your lights to your existing dimmer switches and motion sensors, so they’ll turn on automatically for you.

Another great way to access your smart lighting? Your smart assistant. Many platforms like Phillip’s Hue system allow you to integrate your smart lighting with a Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Smart Home Kit. It’s easy to install your smart home lighting system – using voice control just takes the simplicity and convenience of smart lighting to the next level.



Long Term Investment


There are plenty of smart home automation solutions that are both practical, and efficient. For instance, smart security cameras and systems, door bells, and other practical smart home solutions can be a great long term investment for your lifestyle and budget. But maybe you’re wondering, where smart lighting falls on that scale?

Smart lighting is another great long term solution that can reduce your energy consumption, keeps your home running smoothly, and regulates the lighting atmosphere of your home. Many smart lighting systems have different colors, temperatures, and effects that can change the feel of a room. Your next at-home movie night will feel just like a real theater with the right smart lighting. Plus, you won’t ever forget to turn off the lights again, because you’ll be able to ask your smart home system to do the work for you or check the status of your lights while you’re away.

If you want to dip your toes into the world of smart lighting systems, talk to a local home automation expert about investing in a starter kit. You’ll be able to test the way smart home lighting works in your house and can start applying these smart devices to the rooms that need the most illumination. Take the kitchen on a test run, or see if these lights enhance your at home theater experience. Whatever you decide, you’ll start seeing and experiencing the convenience you’ve been waiting for.




If you need more assistance with your smart home solutions, check out how to Automate Your Home With Carolina Custom Sound. We love bringing home automation services to families throughout the Piedmont Triad – all it takes is finding the right home automation systems for your lifestyle.



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