You have probably heard about Google Home and Amazon Echo device, commonly known as Alexa, and you might be wondering what they mean. In a nutshell, they are smart speakers that are incorporated in homes and enable you to have hands-free assistance. They can answer your random questions, give you accurate updates about the weather, and even control the music and smart lights in your home.

While Amazon was the first to release a smart speaker, and Google followed suit, they both function almost the same with minimum differences. Here’s a quick comparison of the devices.



Alexa is Great at Controlling your Smart Home

Amazon has a broader control of smart home devices compared to Google Home. Experts also add that it could be easier to access most of your home products from Amazon using Alexa.


Google Home is Great at Answering Your Questions

Google Home draws much of its strength from its ability to answer even the most complex questions. This is owing to the fact that Google contains the most extensive information on a single platform. However, Alexa has a particular weakness in this, and you have to be very precise in what you ask to have the best results.


Alexa Has More Apps

Alexa is better when it comes to how many apps you can access using a smart speaker. It also has some outstanding games that you can engage with. If you accidentally forget to get something at your store, you can order it to be brought right at your doorstep.


Google Has an Easier Setup

Google Home will tend to give you an easier time compared to Alexa. It has a more straightforward setup process and is less complicated, and this could be a massive contributor to more users.


With this information, you could choose for yourself which home speaker best suits your needs and comfort level. For more information about smart speakers and smart home solutions, feel free to contact us and schedule your no-obligation consultation.




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