The best part of watching a movie at home? The comfortable seating, surround sound, and recessed lights all make for a great movie experience, but it isn’t a perfect movie night without the right snacks. With your home theater room, you aren’t limited to eating candy and popcorn like when you go to the movie theater. 

If you’re planning your next movie night in your home theater and want to roll out the red carpet for your friends and family, take a look at these delicious snack ideas.




It’s hard to beat homemade nachos during a movie. Sure, you can get a small portion of cheesy chips if you go to the theater, but fully loaded nachos are a different story – all the melted cheese, sour cream, and salsa you want. It’s an ideal snack if you’re having a lot of friends over because there’s enough for everyone. Plus, your smart speakers will drown out any loud crunching, so you won’t worry about missing any dialogue during the movie.


Trail Mix

Trail mix is easy to make and serve in your home theater. You can pick out the ingredients you want rather than buying it premade, and make multiple types for your guests. If you plan on watching a scary or suspenseful movie on the big screen, this is ideal for munching on, since you can make it in large quantities.



Pizza is a foolproof movie snack, but instead of ordering out, try making your own mini pizzas. For families, this is a great way to get your kids excited about dinner, and for guests, everyone can have exactly what they want. It saves time, money, and is easy to make before you start the movie. Plus, this stops everyone from fighting over the last slice.


Mini Sliders

You just can’t beat a good burger during a movie, but sometimes it can get a little messy and hard to enjoy. Mini sliders are a great idea for your home theater room because they take less time to prepare, and are easy to serve to a big group of people.


Ice Cream

Instead of buying a drumstick or ice cream sandwich, make the most of your movie night by having an ice cream bar. You can set up different toppings so everyone can customize their dessert, and have a few different pints to pick from. Your home theater just became everyone’s favorite place!


If you’re ready to build your ideal home theater, or upgrade some of your existing home theater features, learn more about Carolina Custom Sound’s home automation projects so you can start hosting movie night at home.




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