Let Us Do the Work with Remote Monitoring

Control4 Networking

It’s a hassle dealing with those unnecessary ‘technical difficulties’ in life. It’s time you could have spent finishing up a project at work, or enjoying family movie night, instead of fixing issues with your TV or router. Imagine never experiencing those technical difficulties again. Whether you’re at work or at home, remote monitoring is the extra step you can take to make the most of your time without having to do the work.



Fixed Before You Know It

Remote monitoring can keep tabs on anything going on within your home, whether it’s monitoring your server or updating smart home devices. Here at Carolina Custom Sound, we like to handle all of your technological problems before you have to pick up the phone and give us a call. Our remote monitoring services can update, reboot, and fix your system before you even notice.


We’re Here to Give You a Hand

With your business, you already have enough to worry about. The last thing you need is software complications to complicate your day. Carolina Custom Sound can solve any issues that arise in your system remotely, such as software crashes or annual maintenance on your site. By giving us remote access, we can better support you and your business.


Enjoy that Peace of Mind

The peace of mind you’ve always wanted is now within reach. The best part? It’s our job instead of yours. Our remote monitoring services are designed to simplify your life by stopping those unnecessary technical difficulties that you just don’t have time for. Remote monitoring is just one way you can create your home of the future with Carolina Custom Sound.


If you’d like to learn more about automating your home, check out our blog posts what is home automation and how we can automate your home. Ready to get started? Contact Carolina Custom Sound today.



Automated Lighting and Shades for Your Smart Home

Home Lighting Automation

What’s great about smart homes? Everything. Home automation helps us save time and energy which, in turn, saves us money. That money can be invested back into our smart home making every day more convenient. Talk about smart additions to your home… how about automated lighting automated shades!



Automated Lighting

Live in luxury with automated lighting. After a long day, arriving at a cheery, bright home is heartening. Control the lighting in your entire home remotely. Simply touch a button on your way to work and turn everything, from appliances to lights, off at once. Ready to come home? Bring your home from sad to glad in an instant. Voice-activated control can turn lights on and off or dim them. When it’s time for lights out, turn off select rooms, or your entire home, from the cozy convenience of your bed.

Stay in control of security while you’re away. In addition to controlling the lighting, you may decide to integrate home security into your smart home plan. There are many facets to a completely hands-free home. Let us help you design your smart home automation system. These systems can be configured at once, or by following a need-based plan over time. Automated lighting is an integral part of a smart home security plan.


Get Rid of the Balancing Act

Ever balanced grocery bags on your knee in a dark kitchen with your fingers tangled in car keys? Finding the light switch when your hands are full is a breeze with automated lighting. Simply ask your kitchen to light the way. Enjoy the dignity and poise that just walked back into your life. Automated lighting creates a cohesive, calm aspect in your interior space. New-build construction and remodels provide the perfect opportunity for centralizing lighting wires. This eliminates the need for unsightly switch banks and replaces individual light fixtures with unobtrusive keypads. Enjoy decorating your switch free wall space.


Make Your Home Smart Upfront of Over Time

Smart home features are easy to get used to. Once you’ve got the automated lighting installed, automated shades will be next on the list. Automatically shade areas of your home depending on the time of day. Don’t worry about your home becoming an oven in your absence. While you’re away, save energy with automated shades. They act in tandem with the rest of your home automation system to lower the cost of your annual energy bills.


Whether you decide on a complete home automation system or choose to upgrade over time, our automated lighting and shade products from Control4, Lutron and QMotion will have you saving money one energy-efficient day at a time. For more information, check out our resource Is Affordable Home Automation Really an Option, or contact us for a no-obligation consultation!