3 Budget-Friendly Home Automation Options

Mobile Smart Home Control

Getting started with home automation basics is more affordable than you think. There are so many ways automation can make your home life easier, whether you’re starting small or going for a full smart home system. If you’re ready to jump into the world of home automation but need to start small, these devices and systems offer some affordable ways you can automate your home on a budget.



Set up smart lights.

A smart lighting system is at the top of the list in home automation basics. Imagine lighting your home automatically when you open your garage door or setting up a path of lights from the driveway to your kitchen when you get home from work. Smart lights are energy-efficient, too, and can be set to automatically turn off even if you forget.

There is a range of products you can choose from, including Wi-Fi bulbs that you can control using your handheld device or even the motion sensor lights. Installation is simple, but we recommend getting a bridge to control every light in your home.


Invest in automated electronics and appliances.

A smart plug is a convenient device that allows you to control various electronic devices and appliances from your smartphone. You can easily schedule when electronics turn on or off or even schedule an ‘away’ mode that makes it seem you are home, even when you aren’t.

Looking for more energy savings? Thermostat controls are a huge drain on your energy bills every month, and a smart thermostat can make all the difference. By using environmental sensors, scheduling, and the location of your smartphone, a smart thermostat can significantly reduce energy consumption and keep your home comfortable all year long.


Install smart locks and other safety devices.

Home security is a big concern for many families. Have you ever wondered if you forgot to lock the door on your way out? Worried you didn’t set the alarm before you got in bed? Smart locks and other security devices are home automation basics and can give you and your family peace of mind whether you’re at home or away. Control your security system and even lock and unlock doors from your smartphone, or set up security cameras and get instant notifications when someone rings the doorbell.

Carbon dioxide and smoke detectors have also joined the smart device party. Connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and get alerts when they detect carbon dioxide, smoke, or even when the system is low on battery life.


Automating your home can be an ongoing project, but anyone can start small and work their way up. Carolina Custom Sound will work with you, your budget and your preferences to tailor a home automation system primed to build on over time. Contact us to begin experiencing the convenience and energy savings of a connected home!