Creating your best automation experience.

Enhance your lifestyle with integrated systems in your home, office, or public space.

Smart Home Solutions

Imagine pressing one button to dim the lighting, lock the doors, and start your favorite movie all in one swift motion. Imagine being able to make sure you remembered to turn down the thermostat before you left for work. Imagine seeing who’s at the door and letting them in from the comfort of your sofa. With technology like one touch automation controllers, integrated security systems, and home theatres all synched and working together, you can reclaim your home through simple, intuitive automation and design.

From integrating your first smart speaker (like an Amazon Alexa or Google Home) and setting up your first smart home devices in a home theater system to servicing and updating the ever-changing technology in an existing home automation system, Carolina Custom Sound is in the business of creating more relaxing, engaging, and enjoyable home automation experiences for our customers.

Commercial Building Automation

From smart thermostats to help cut energy costs and voice controlled conference rooms, the same automation technology that makes your home more energy efficient, secure, and comfortable is also available for your office building, retail space, or restaurant. Building automation systems and central control systems make building management and conducting business seamless, efficient, and comfortable.

Control your company’s HVAC system, double check the security cameras, and remotely control the lighting in your office building all from one central hub when you invest in building automation technology.


The SlydLock fireplace nook mount offers an innovative, low-profile mounting solution for your television. The mount will accommodate from a 32″ up to a 52″ opening and locks in place every 1/8 inch for 100% accuracy. With the SlydLock, you’ll be able to enjoy any size TV up to 75″!